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‘Has AIPAC got you on the take?’ Web video series calls out college officials for complicity, racism against divestment

A group of BDS and Open Hillel activists have produced a darkly humorous web video series about campus divestment from Israel called act-iv-ist. The season finale aired earlier this week.

Plibersek's (and Labor's) journey to the centre

It is not so long ago that the idea of a left-wing Labor woman as the Foreign Minister of Australia would have caused deep consternation, if not panic, in the foreign policy establishment and in the halls of power of key allies. ButShow More Summary

London Axes Body-Shaming Ads on Tube, Bus

Londoners sick of being bombarded by pictures of the supposedly ideal "beach body" every time they jump on the tube may soon be vindicated. The city's mayor, Sadiq Khan, says he's banning body-shaming ads from London's mass transit system, the Guardian reports. An example of such an ad: Protein World's...

When We Come Together

We mourn, we celebrate, we come together. This month is Pride Month, to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan. June 12th was also Loving Day, to celebrate the day in 1967 when the US Supreme Court put an end to laws that prohibited interracial marriage in Loving v. Show More Summary

Bringing the Troika to Paris

I have argued for years, and in my last post on my blog, that a big part of the story we have seen in Europe over the past eight years is a result of social engineering. This has involved a major offensive by the European authorities,...Show More Summary

London's Gay Choir Has a Moving Tribute for Orlando

Love is pouring into Orlando from around the world—including some 4,000 miles away in London. Among those to gather at a vigil in the city's Soho district Monday—in memory of those killed at Pulse nightclub —was the London Gay Men's Chorus, which performed a moving rendition of...

Modi's visit to Washington reflects growing strategic alignment

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US last week was dubbed in Indian diplomatic parlance as a visit for 'celebrations and consolidation' of a relationship that has been brought to fruition by President Barrack Obama,Show More Summary

Guy Finds 'Edible' Butter Dating Back to Jesus

Look closer next time you're treading through an Irish bog—you might find something both ancient and edible. An Irishman did just that earlier this month in Emlagh peat bog in County Meath, Ireland, when he discovered a 22-pound ball of butter that may be 2,000 years old, the...

Abuses of Fallujah Sunnis Raise Question: Does Iraq Gov’t Control of Shiite Militias

Human Rights Watch | – – (Beirut) – The announced investigation into allegations of abuse of civilians around Fallujah by Iraqi government forces is a test for the government’s ability to hold…

Settler runs over sheep flock belonging to Palestinian, killing 25

An Israeli settler ran over a flock of sheep belonging to a Palestinian shepherd near the al-Zubeidat village in the occupied West Bank district of Jericho on Friday, causing the death of 25 of the sheep, according to Palestinian sources

Two People Discuss War, Formerly Titled: A Marine and an Iraqi Discuss War

Last month, as part of Ralph Nader's four-day conference in Washington, DC, Breaking Through Power, my friend Raed Jarrar, a Palestinian-Iraqi-American, and I gave a talk on the horrors of war. My perspectives of combat, occupation,Show More Summary

Who has the best national anthem?

This morning I stumbled on an economics blog which claimed bluntly, and without much argument, that the Soviet national anthem was the best ever: [youtube:rHomETco0MI] I'm not saying this claim is wrong (the version in The Hunt for Red...Show More Summary

Man Covers Car in Signatures —Even Under the Hood

Shawn Janzen was an artist—which is exactly why he'd love what his dad has done to his old beater car. For the last nine months, Jeff Janzen has been adding signatures to the 1994 Ford Crown Victoria, which he purchased in 2010. It's now decorated with more than 4,...

Venezuela: A Failed State In Latin America?

Venezuela is at the mercy of its fluids. For a country that depends on oil for 95 percent of its exports, the prolonged drop in the price of crude has been a serious financial blow. If nothing else, though, Venezuela should be able to use its oil resources to keep the lights on and the factories going. Show More Summary

This Is What Happens When a Shepherd Falls Asleep

A YouTube video proves why you should never fall asleep on the job—particularly if you have 1,300 sheep in your care. A resident in the Spanish city of Huesca called police around 4:30am Tuesday to report a herd of sheep making its way through the city streets,...

Russia’s Putin Tells Lukashenko He Has Trouble Sleeping

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been sleeping well of late, he was caught telling his Belarussian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. Putin arrived in Minsk on Wednesday to meet with Lukashenko and as the two sat down for a joint...Show More Summary

Is it an occupation or an "occupation"?

Journalist Glenn Greenwald flagged a questionable editorial decision that The New York Times made in an article published on May 25, 2016, titled "A Split Over Israel Threatens the Democrats' Hopes for Unity." The sentence in question...Show More Summary


Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman on October 30th, 1974, in the Rumble in the Jungle in Kinshasa, Zaire (photo cr.: "AAA...LI, BO-MA YE!" ("BO" like in "eBOla" and "MA" like in "MAgazine", "YE" like in "YEllow"): "Aaali,...Show More Summary

Austria's Far-Right to Contest Election Result

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO) is contesting the result of a Presidential election that saw it narrowly lose to a candidate endorsed by the country’s Green Party. The party’s leader said in a press conference on Wednesday that...Show More Summary

Trump and Curiel: This time it really is different

Earlier this month, Donald Trump claimed that the judge presiding over a civil lawsuit involving Trump University, Gonzalo Curiel, would be biased because he ‘is Mexican’ and because Trump is ‘building a wall with Mexico’. Whether or...Show More Summary

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