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Hillary Clinton Promises More Wars At Last Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton labeled her opponent a "puppet" of Russian President Vladimir Putin and promised more wars in the last presidential debate. The post Hillary Clinton Promises More Wars At Last Presidential Debate appeared first on Shadowproof.

Taiwan Reportedly Plans to Upgrade Supersonic Hsiung Feng III Missiles

Russell Hsiao Security, Asia Watch out, China.  Against the backdrop of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military modernization and growing precision strike capabilities, some media reports indicate that Taipei may have plans to produce...Show More Summary

Israeli border police hold ‘stun grenade’ training in middle of Palestinian neighborhood

Al Jazeera reports: "Israeli border police carried out stun grenade training in the Palestinian neighborhood of al-‘Issawiya in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, a new video purports to show. In the recording, the neighbourhood, homeShow More Summary

Economic diplomacy brief: Crown crackdown, TPP friendly fire, Parkinson’s law and more

New house rules The detention of employees from James Packer's Crown casino group in China has reopened the old debate about whether Xi Jinping's corruption crackdown is all about him staying in power, or whether it's also driven by the task of economic rebalancing. Show More Summary

Egypt Is Not the Region's Bright Spot and This Is No Laughing Matter

"It's good life. Dignity and social justice. All people from all social classes go to the same schools, the same parks, the same hospitals. Equality. You feel that your humanity is respected," a friend told me during a Viber call inShow More Summary

South Africa’s Political Crisis: The Key Players

South Africa’s political crisis appears to be coming to a head. Two interconnected issues have thrown the country’s political establishment into turmoil. First, South Africa’s public protector is probing the relationship between President Jacob Zuma and the Guptas, a wealthy family alleged to have wielded political influence over the president. Show More Summary

Candidates Must Address Human Rights

The second presidential debate made it painfully clear that the candidates' pasts echo forward for all of us. As 69 million Americans tuned in, both Trump and Clinton were forced to confront embarrassing scandals that occurred over a...Show More Summary

East Ukraine Rebels Vow ‘No Mercy’ After Commander Death

Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine have threatened to show “no mercy” to government agents in their response to the death of one of their commanders. Arsen Pavlov, a Russian-born fighter who used the alias 'Motorola,' was confirmed killed in a blast inside the elevator of his apartment building Sunday by Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. Show More Summary

Australia’s FONOP debate: A necessary storm in a teacup

This is a disconcerting period for all those hoping to see more pushback against China's bid for supremacy in the South China Sea, and its pressure tactics towards that end. The US is in the throes of an epochal political convulsion masquerading as a presidential election campaign. Show More Summary

Atonement and Action on the Syrian Crisis

As we step away from Yom Kippur, it is a moment when the American Jewish community accepts responsibility for our sins of the past year and prepares to start anew. This year, we must atone also for the crimes in Syria--and that atonement...Show More Summary

Moroccan Islamic Broadcasting in Response to Religious Extremism

On Iraq's Al-'Ahd satellite channel, a Shi'ite cleric demonizes Sunnis, typifying a trans-sectarian trend in extremist broadcasting across the region. by Joseph Braude and Aaron Lobel The past decade has seen the proliferation of largely extremist and sectarian 24-hour religious television channels throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Show More Summary

Australia's military equipment in Yemen

It’s not often that the maritime environment features prominently in any Middle Eastern conflict, but in the waters of the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen there have been two noteworthy incidents recently, both of which have a decidedly...Show More Summary

Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces buried two hours later due to fear Israel would detain body

On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers fatally shot Ali Shyoukhi, 20, during a protest in Silwan just south of Jerusalem's Old City. Shyoukhi was shot with a live round in his pelvis and bled to death as medics were unable to move him to the hospital due to the extensive military siege on the town. Show More Summary

Reporting migration: Big challenges for old and new media

By Racheal Buckland, an intern with the Lowy Institute's Migration and Border Policy project Last week Helen Boaden, director of BBC Radio, resigned after 34 years working for the English broadcaster and delivered a stirring speech at the Prix Italia festival in Lampedusa criticising journalism. Show More Summary

Republicans play risky game down ballot

Would you jump off a roller coaster ride as the car picked up speed downhill? Probably not. But that's just what dozens of Republican candidates did over the weekend as Donald Trump's presidential campaign seemingly imploded over a decade-old audio tape. The details of Trump's 'locker room' banter have been widely reported. Show More Summary

The Trials of Dareen Tatour: A year of detention and no end in sight

It was exactly one year ago that Dareen Tatour’s ordeal began. In the pre-dawn hours of October 11, 2015, Israeli police and border guards stormed into Palestinian poet’s family home without a warrant or an explanation for the shocking and disturbing intrusion. Show More Summary

Brexit and Australia: No need to rush for an FTA

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, UK Prime Minister Theresa May added some clarity to the Brexit debate by stating that formal negotiations for British withdrawal from the European Union will begin no later than March 2017. Show More Summary

‘I will not move. This is my car, this is my land.’ So — Israeli soldiers arrest man and take car

Nonviolent protest organizer Mohammad Khatib of occupied Bil'in was on his way to his olive groves Friday when Israeli soldiers stopped him. He lay in the road in front of his car refusing to move. Israeli soldiers arrested him and seized the car.

The Ugly American: Donald Trump is our Mirror, not an Outlier

By Tom Engelhardt | ( ) | – – This is not about Donald Trump. And I mean it. From the moment the first scribe etched a paean of praise to…

Bill and Hillary Clinton both opposed his invitation from AIPAC in 2010

When AIPAC came "begging" for Bill Clinton to speak at 2010 conference, he and his wife were against his doing so, and her aide expressed annoyance at the invitation; though then Secretary of State Clinton did address the pro-Israel group, and gushed over its leaders.

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