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What dragonflies say about our ignorance of the natural world

Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra, Stellenbosch University Of the 8.7 million species of animals, plants and fungi thought to live on Earth, we have only named 1.2 million: 86% of the natural world is uncharted. For most people, both this incredible richness and our ignorance are hard to fathom. Show More Summary

President Duterte: Neither Trump, Nor a Lee Kwan Yew

"[A]ll men of sense," one of America's most imaginative founding fathers Alexander Hamilton once said, "will agree in the necessity of an energetic executive." Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines' most popular mayor, was just elected to the presidency with the highest number of votes in the Southeast Asian country's history. Show More Summary

Elephant Chases Schwarzenegger's Car

What happens in Johannesburg stays in Johannesburg—unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger and your safari vehicle gets chased by an elephant, in which case, yeah, the entire world is going to see that video. The clip, which Schwarzenegger uploaded himself to YouTube, shows exactly what transpired when the Terminator visited a...

The Alchemy of Business & Human Rights (Part V): The Culture of Change

This blog series has been examining the booming new field of Business & Human Rights (BHR), which has revolutionized how the world's leading multinational corporations are talking about and engaging with human rights. After looking at...Show More Summary

Controversial Television Ad Prompts Outrage Across China

'Most Chinese people have never been around a foreigner,' says the creator of a viral video that criticized the ad

Pacific links: Mugabe in Port Moresby, PNG student arrests, Paclii's future, Festpac and more

Leaders or delegations from 79 countries have converged on Port Moresby this week for the 8th summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. The most controversial participant is Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Pacific beat’s Joy Kisselpar discusses the expected focus of the summit. Show More Summary

US domestic extremists a bigger risk than foreign terrorism, but guess who Trump & GOP Coddle?

By David Alpher | (The Conversation) | – – Take America back from those who have stolen it. Protect America from those who want to destroy it. Restore the principles that these…

‘My weekend in Palestine’ changed an Australian man’s life

Australian Rob Martin was enraged by the Gaza onslaught of 2014. So he went to Palestine for the first time and threw himself into opposition to the occupation, in video'd encounters with Israeli soldiers in occupied Bil'in that media back home have ignored.

The International Embrace of Khartoum's Genocidal Regime

What will it take to halt the hideous spectacle of an international community that now seems prepared to give an increasingly warm embrace to the Khartoum regime, guilty of serial genocides in the Nuba Mountains (1990s), in Darfur (for...Show More Summary

Foreign policy fault lines

It’s trite but true to say that all politics is local. Foreign policy rarely gets a look in at election time in Australia. Moreover, the conventional view is that the divisions between the two major parties on foreign policy questions...Show More Summary

Vegan Climber's Mom: I Want Her Death Explained

The mother of a vegan who died trying to climb Mount Everest is demanding answers—about whether the climb was conducted safely and why, for days, no one informed her that her daughter was dead. Speaking from Australia, Maritha Strydom tells CNN she was following satellite "pings" of daughter Maria...

Detergent Company's Racist Ad Raises a Ruckus

What could possibly be offensive about an advertisement for something as mundane as laundry detergent? Plenty, it turns out—at least when it comes to this commercial for a Chinese cleaner that has earned it the label of "most racist ad of 2016" from BuzzFeed, which adds viewing it "will...

Forbidden Afghan Lovers Fight for Asylum in NYC

Zakia and Mohammad Ali, the "Afghan Romeo and Juliet," eloped in 2014. Since then, her family has been hunting the couple, believing Zakia needs to be killed to preserve their honor. The New York Times has been chronicling the couple's plight. And on Tuesday, they finally arrived in New York...

Israeli forces kill teenage Palestinian girl at checkpoint, and return another teen’s body 7 months after he died

Israeli forces killed a teenage girl at a checkpoint north of Jerusalem after she allegedly attempted to attack a soldier. Israel has killed more than 200 Palestinians in similar fashion since last October, and lately returned the bodies of two Palestinians seven months after they were killed.

Meet Turkish Journalist Who Lost Custody Of Kids Over Critical Reporting

Photo: Arzu Yildiz's Twitter account. Relentless crackdown on journalists and media outlets in Turkey is not news. But the censorship has taken a whole new level last week when a Turkish court stripped a prominent journalist of legal...Show More Summary

Israel is at war over the nature of a Jewish state, and NYT editorial frets over ‘changing of the guard’

There is a war going on in Israel right now over the very nature of the Jewish state, with leaders saying the political culture is reminiscent of Nazi Germany; and meantime, a NY Times editorial that treats the events as a political reshuffling is an embarrassing and obfuscating contribution to the discourse.

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