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The People of Syria Speak Again

I have heard more times than I can count, especially since the start of the Vienna peace process on Syria last November, that Syrians are simply "tired of war" and that it is time to give up on the Syrian Revolution's core demand for the departure of the Assad dictatorship. Show More Summary

Russian Boomers Set to Conduct Largest Live-Fire Drill in 25 Years

Dave Majumdar Security, Eurasia This is the second time Russia has attempted to launch all sixteen missiles sequentially from a Borei. The Russian Navy is set to conduct a massive live-fire nuclear exercise on a scale not seen sinceShow More Summary

Has The Gateway to Europe Been Shut To Refugees? (AJ+)

AJ+| Video Report|– The European Union was founded upon the principles of the promotion of human rights. With the refugee crisis ongoing, the EU has come to an agreement with Turkey to…

Venezuela's Right Wing Confesses to 17 years of Political Delinquency: The Amnesty Bill

Introduction "A confesion de parte, relevo de prueba" (Spanish legal expression: "When there is confession, no evidence is required"). Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes could not imagine how correct he was when he said that the challenge...Show More Summary

Americans Think Terrorists Are Winning -- They're Not

By Matthew Kriner Fears of a terrorist attack happening in the United States are at their highest since 2005. Even more surprising is the rate at which Americans seem to think we're losing the War on Terrorism. According to a CNN/ORC...Show More Summary

Keeping it real in Australia's outlook on Indonesia

In 1999, rapper Mos Def released a b-side single called 'Mathematics' in which he cleverly weaves numerical references into his rhymes to highlight socio-economic disparities between whites and blacks in the US. His message is simple:...Show More Summary

New Breed of Syrian Activists

The Syrian crisis has been widely publicized in recent months and not so long ago, the UK, Norway, Germany and Kuwait held a conference in London along with the United Nations to address the ongoing situation. The main aim of this was to raise funding in order to meet the immediate needs as well as needs in the long-term of those affected. Show More Summary

Video: Tamara Ben-Halim’s moving story of finding her grandmother’s home in Palestine

Last spring we published Tamara Ben-Halim's moving story about searching for her grandmother’s home in Yafa. Annie Robbins shares an amazing update that explains how Ben-Halim discovered that her family home is still standing.

Revolution Reignited: Syrians Revolt Like It's 2011

Had it not been for the astronomic destruction in the background of the pictures and videos, I would have thought the images coming out of Syria yesterday were recycled from 2011. But they weren't. The images were from that day - March...Show More Summary

‘A Girl in the River’ Follows Rare Survivor of Pakistan 'Honor' Killing Attempt

When filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy walked onstage to collect her second career Oscar at the Academy Awards last week, she said her win was the result of “what happens when determined women get together.” Obaid-Chinoy won the Best Documentary...Show More Summary

China's Aircraft Carriers: The Ultimate Paper Tiger?

Dave Majumdar Security, Asia “The aircraft carriers that they’re building will not have the same blue open ocean capability that our aircraft carriers have.” The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s (PLAN) aircraft carriers won’t be able to conduct blue water operations in the way the U.S. Show More Summary

On Victor Kanyari, Republicans and Elections: God Is On OUR Side!

The recent exposure of "Doctor" Victor Kanyari's antics at his Cross Road Church in Nyamakima by the investigative show Jicho Pevu and the on-going primary elections here in the United States to elect President Barack Obama's successor got me thinking about religion and politics. Show More Summary

Dear President Obama - No "Business As Usual" After Gen. Museveni's Uganda Coup

President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Dear President Obama, As you know on Feb. 18 Uganda held elections that were universally condemned by credible observers including by the U.S. as flawed and having not been free, fair or credible; they were also marred by violence against opposition supporters by state security agents. Show More Summary

Lessons of Life on a Skateboard in Nairobi

John Kiara, 15, wipes sweat off his forehead as he stares down at a stair set of his height. He runs a few steps, hops on a skateboard and jumps down the drop. The impact of landing shakes his balance slightly off and he falls forward on the concrete. Show More Summary

How Bashar Assad Is Trying to Win the Peace in Syria

Though the tenuous truce in Syria is holding, sparks of civil protest underscore the origins of the war—and the government's darker strategy

21st-century DJs: Spinning Beyond the Post-Capitalist Dream

James Sey, University of Johannesburg There's a joke/meme doing the rounds of professional audio and live music event circles. Picture the scene: a heaving arena, packed with thousands of expectant fans. A huge PA flanks a fully equipped stage, its lighting rig already spangling the crowd with state of the art moving head fixture beams. Show More Summary

Can we trust Middle East Policy to any of these Presidential Candidates?

By Simon Reich | (The Conversation) | – – Elections, the perennial wisdom tells us, are generally not decided by foreign policy issues. But who’s to say that 2016 will not buck…

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