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In Jerusalem, Cuomo says the more people try to separate NY and Israel, the closer we get

On visit to Israel, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo says Israel has developed response to "lone wolf" attacks to "an art form" -- but Amnesty Int'l says Israeli execution policy shows "shocking disregard for human life."

Snapchat Stunt Ends in Teen's Death

A teen in Singapore fell to his death while reportedly attempting a Snapchat stunt, the New York Post reports. Jonathan Chow, 17, leaped over a railing at a shopping mall expecting to land on a ledge. But the surface collapsed under him, and the teen plunged four stories as a...

Radical Islam and its Discontents

In his first speech before Congress, President Donald Trump defied his new National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster when he said the United States government is “taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism.” McMaster...Show More Summary

Trump’s Decision To Skip The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Sends Journalists The Wrong Message

President Donald Trump: I was pleased to see the measured tone in your address to Congress Tuesday night and your dedication to solving the problems of this country. But in order to do that and keep your promises to the American people, you’re going to need the press. Show More Summary

Tunnel Under Nazi Death Camp Turns Legend Into Reality

At least 80,000 people—most of them Jews—were killed at a camp named Ponar in what is now Lithuania as the Nazis transitioned to the Final Solution. The actual number is likely much higher. To find yourself at Ponar was a death sentence. But a legend, based on...

The trial continues: Dareen Tatour and the crime of posting while Arab

Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, faces the possibility of eight years in prison for “incitement” and support to a terror organization – for a Youtube poetry video and two Facebook posts.

Trumpocalypse: How the U.S. Invaded, Occupied, and Remade Itself

By Tom Engelhardt | ( | – – It’s been epic! A cast of thousands! (Hundreds? Tens?) A spectacular production that, five weeks after opening on every screen of any sort in America…

Palestinian children get longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier got for killing a Palestinian

An 18-month prison sentence for an Israeli soldier who shot dead a wounded Palestinian assailant is an "unacceptable" punishment for "an apparent extra-judicial killing", the UN said Friday.

Russia's Capitol Is Stacked with Super Powerful S-400 Missile Defense Systems (But It’s No Shield)

Guy Plopsky Security, Their capabilities against very low observable cruise missiles and aircraft remain very limited. On February 21, 2017, Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced that yet another Aerospace Forces surface-to-air missile (SAM) regiment equipped with the lethal S-400 Triumf system was put on combat duty in the Moscow Oblast. Show More Summary

Israel’s dependence on Jewish lobby’s pressure will cause hostility to U.S. Jews, Nathan Glazer warned in 1976

Forty years ago, Harvard sociologist Nathan Glazer warned that Israel was a strategy "liability" to the U.S., and Israel's dependence on the Jewish lobby's 'influence' threatened to bring "hostility" to Jews from other Americans. Why didn't people listen?

Donald Trump Should Clean-Up Greenland

Michael Rubin Security, If alliances matter, it’s time to do right for Greenland, for they did right by the United States during the height of the Cold War and deserve American gratitude. A theme of President Donald Trump’s campaign was that US diplomacy had failed. Show More Summary

John McCain Struggles To Defend Pax Americana In Munich

Senator John McCain gives his best defense for the neoliberal world order crumbling all around him and seeks to rally support for continuing Pax Americana. The post John McCain Struggles To Defend Pax Americana In Munich appeared first on Shadowproof.

Did David Brooks & the NeoCons pave the Way for Trump?

By Andrew J. Bacevich | ( ) | – – Apart from being a police officer, firefighter, or soldier engaged in one of this nation’s endless wars, writing a column for…

DNC debate batters Trump– but Israel support must be ‘bipartisan,’ says Ellison

Rep. Keith Ellison brags about voting for $27 billion aid to Israel and making the U.S.-Israel relationship a bipartisan consensus, in a debate for DNC party chair that in every other respect bashed Republicans.

Media And Information Literacy Will Help Prevent Violent Extremism

“Democracy demands media literacy, and this particular moment in time demands a serious investment by newsrooms and by tech giants like Facebook and Google and investment in news literacy,” said CNN’s Brian Stelter. His comment was partly...Show More Summary

UK's 'Most Evil' Serial Killer Is Fighting for Right to Die

In the mid 1960s, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley sexually tortured and murdered five children ages 10 to 16 in what came to be known as the Moors Murders in England. Hindley died behind bars at age 60 in 2002, and now the 79-year-old Brady wants to do the same....

The Closing of the Conservative Mind

Donald Trump won last year’s Republican civil war and most of the losers surrendered. A buffoonish and narcisistic reality TV star who spent his entire life as a boorish Democrat and who had nothing but contempt for the Republican Party...Show More Summary

Trump’s Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse

Luca Trenta | The Conversation | – – Whatever one thinks of the Trump administration’s policies, it is difficult to ignore that the new president’s tenure has so far been characterised by…

Funeral in Tulkarem for Palestinian man killed by Israelis because he got wrong cab going to last chemo session

Hundreds of Palestinian mourners joined a funeral procession in the city of Tulkarem in the northern occupied West Bank on Saturday for 25-year-old Muhammad Jallad, who died last week in Israeli custody, after being hospitalized for three months for being shot by Israeli forces while he was crossing the street on his way to a chemotherapy session.

This May Be the Weirdest Request for Directions Ever

Some guys will never ask for directions. And some guys have no qualms about landing a military helicopter in the middle of the road to do so. A post at RT explains the bizarre scene captured on video. The pilot of a Kazakhstani chopper landed his $14 million aircraft on...

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