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Indigenous Jews lead democratic Israel to 69 years of independence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the “Independence Hall” Tel Aviv. Originally Dizengoff House, it's the site of Israel’s Declaration of Independence signing. (Photo: Avigail Uzi/POOL/FLASH90) Middle East Studies Professor...Show More Summary

Was This the World's Oldest Person Ever?

Emma Morano was the world's only living person verified as having been born in the 19th century before her death last month at 117. But Sodimedjo of Indonesia claimed to have three decades on her and two decades on the world's oldest recorded person before his death Sunday. Sodimedjo said...

'Stunning Embarrassment' for FBI: Translator Wed ISIS Terrorist

An ex-FBI translator was accused of endangering US security because of the person she married—an ISIS terrorist once called "the pop star of jihad" by the Fader. In a just-publicized story that ex-State Department spokesman John Kirby calls a "stunning embarrassment for the FBI," CNN reports on court records...

There May Be More To North Korea’s ‘Failed’ Missile Test Than Meets They Eye

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia Some observers suspect that the KN-17 may be a “carrier killer,” but the exact purpose of the missile is unclear. North Korea’s latest missile test may have been more than just another failure. U.S. Pacific...Show More Summary

Palestinian Authority moves forward with May elections in West Bank, Gaza will not take part in vote

Wafa reports that after multiple cancellations, Palestinian Authority elections are back on in the West Bank but Hamas will be boycotting and Gaza will not participate in the vote.

Russia is Arming the Taliban

So much for Donald Trump’s Russian reset. The United States military has just confirmed that for the past eighteen months, Russia has been arming the Taliban. “We continue to get reports of this assistance,” General John Nicholson said at a press conference alongside Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Show More Summary

Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel

We must admit we are living in the golden age of Jewish anti-Zionism. A young Maine director, Eric Axelman, is doing a film about the American Jewish responsibility for the occupation. US Jews have the "magic stick" to change Israel, a Palestinian tells him.

Holy Cow: As Hindu Nationalism Surges In India Cows Are Protected, But Minorities, Not So Much

Aftab Alam, Aligarh Muslim University Indolent Indian cows sitting or eating on the busiest roads of the country’s cities are common sights for anyone who has ever visited the subcontinent. Today, this mammal is at the centre of the country’s increasingly violent social upheaval. Show More Summary

Settlement opponents appeal to Massachusetts Democratic Party to pass resolution tomorrow

Ron Fox, a 77-year-old Jewish Democrat in Mass., urges the party's state committee to condemn Israeli settlements: "For 45 years, not a day has gone by that I have not thought about human rights violations caused by settlements."

'World's Heaviest Woman' Drops 713 Pounds— or Has She?

Just a few months ago she was billed as the world's heaviest woman, but doctors in India now say Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty has dropped more than 700 pounds and will be transferred to a hospital in the United Arab Emirates to continue her medical treatment closer to her...

Saudi Ultra-Conservatives Take Anti-Reform Stand On Women’s Sports

By James M. Dorsey Saudi Arabia’s Shura or Advisory Council, in a sign that the kingdom is polarized over Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s plans to diversify and streamline the economy and liberalize its austere moral and social...Show More Summary

Kenyans Decide 2017: The Warnings The Party Nominations Portend

Kenya’s General Elections are less than three months away on August 8, 2017 and while the presidency is the main prize, competition for the other down-ballot elected offices are also in full swing and I’d argue even more heated than the presidential race. Show More Summary

After being blocked from importing limousines to Gaza, a Palestinian wedding planner built one out of five cars

AFP reports: "When wedding planner Salama Al Odi was blocked by Israel from importing a limousine for his business in Gaza, he was not dissuaded. Instead, he built his own – from five other cars."

Why Trump’s Wars Should Seem So Familiar

The Honeymoon of the Generals Cross-posted with MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs.” Still, give Donald Trump credit. Show More Summary

Britain's 'Earthquake' Weapons Were World War II's 'Mother of All Bombs'

Michael Peck Security, Europe Could this be the ultimate weapon?  Here’s a name that the head-chopping terrorists of ISIS should remember: Barnes Wallis. He’s the British chap who inspired that twenty-one-thousand-pound U.S. Air Force...Show More Summary

China Denies Bombers On "High Alert" For North Korea Contingency

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia What is going on?  China denied Friday reports it put cruise-missile-capable bombers on high alert for a crisis on the Korean Peninsula. “The reports are not true,” the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said Friday. Show More Summary

‘Sometimes the only way to have a voice is by literally speaking out’: Arab activists head to court for disrupting Israel ambassador hearing

Taher Herzallah and Kareem El-Hosseiny will come before Superior Court judge Marisa Demeo on Thursday, April 20th to hear potential motions regarding their disruption of David Friedman's nomination hearing to become US ambassador to Israel. Show More Summary

The Left Won In Ecuador's Presidential Election — Cue The Right-Wing Revolt

Soledad Stoessel, National University of La Plata If Netflix had known how Ecuador’s April 2 presidential election would turn out, it might have waited to promote the fourth season of its award-winning political drama House of Cards....Show More Summary

I want the world to know

Anas Mohammed Jnena, a writer from Gaza with the WeAreNotNumbers campaign wants the world to know Gaza is like any other place in the world and so are its people: "I want the world to know that Palestine has writers, artists, thinkers and, most importantly, lovers. I want to the world to know that we are humans just like you."

Tokyo's Hottest DJ Is an 82-Year-Old Woman

Age may be nothing but a number, but one octogenarian in Tokyo is still defying the odds with her energy. Sumiko Iwamuro has spent six decades making dumplings in the restaurant she and her brother inherited from their family, but when her husband died in her 70s she decided to...

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