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Intelligence Agencies Ask Americans to "Trust, Don't Verify" in New Cold War

Just as the first casualty of war is said to be the truth, the first casualty of the New Cold War is irony. Our most prominent journalists seem to have missed the Orwellian irony of Senator John McCain asking Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper at Friday's Senate hearings if Julian Assange has any credibility. Show More Summary

A Living Wage & a Right to Live: Resisting a government of Generals and Billionaires

By Rebecca Gordon | ( | – – Many of the folks I know are getting ready to play serious defense in 2017, and they’re not wrong. Before we take up our…

Kenyans Decide 2017: The Case Against Re-electing Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr. William Ruto

2017 is just under two weeks old and with Kenya's presidential elections scheduled for sometimes during the year, I decided to forgo the customary year-in-review write-up and review the performance of the incumbent Jubilee Coalition against its stated campaign promises. Show More Summary

Israeli forces seize 5 relatives of Palestinian killed committing truck attack in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces raided homes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir on Sunday and detained at least five relatives of Fadi Ahmad Hamdan al-Qunbar, a Palestinian who was killed earlier in the day after carrying out a deadly vehicular attack. Israel is also withholding his body, denying family reunification requests, and planning demolition of his house.

The Dirtiest Corner In Europe?

This article first appeared on If, post-Brexit, the UK risks being known once again as the "dirty man of Europe" then Northern Ireland would be its soiled undergarments. Ours is a jurisdiction replete with the biggest illegal...Show More Summary

Does the U.S. Military Actually Protect Middle East Oil?

John Glaser Security, Middle East The United States should gradually withdraw its forward-deployed military forces from the Persian Gulf region. America’s experience in the Middle East over the past fifteen years has been bruising, to say the least. Show More Summary

The Age Of Great Expectations And The Great Void

Cross-posted with The fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989 abruptly ended one historical era and inaugurated another. So, too, did the outcome of last year’s U.S. presidential election. What are we to make of the interval...Show More Summary

'Tree Man' Gets Pruned, Has Shot at Normal Life

It's a new beginning for the man formerly known as "tree man." Abul Bajandar, whose hands and feet were covered in giant warts that looked like tree bark, underwent his first surgery to remove the growths last February. Now—nearly a year and at least 16 operations later—the 27-year-old...

Turkey Goes Off the Rails

Last year was a gruesome one for Turkey, and this year is getting off to the worst possible start. On the very first day of the new year, not six months after a botched military coup and an almost Stalinist-style purge of the army, the...Show More Summary

Water Protector Who Confronted Armed DAPL Contractor Bailed Out After Turning Himself Into Authorities

A Standing Rock water protector was bailed out of jail hours after turning himself into the Morton County Sheriff's Department. The post Water Protector Who Confronted Armed DAPL Contractor Bailed Out After Turning Himself Into Authorities appeared first on Shadowproof.

Maidan Year Three: Revolution Comes Full Circle Amidst Police Reform, U.S.-Trained Right Wing SWAT Force and Former Venezuela Ambassador

On the third year anniversary of the Maidan revolution, I'm holed up in Kyiv's decidedly retro, Soviet-era Ukraina hotel. Located just a stone's throw away from Maidan square itself, Ukraina is linked to the revolt against former president Viktor Yanukovych, for it was here that snipers may have shot at protesters from inside the hotel. Show More Summary

Lebanese Daily 'Assafir': RIP

Assafir finally bit the dust following a protracted battle with a metastasized sickness that is afflicting most of Lebanon's newspapers. "Assafir 13,552: Absent...Not Extinct," was the front page headline of a special 60-page mega issue...Show More Summary

After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident

Sgt Azaria is convicted of manslaughter in Hebron killing of March 24, 2016. Human rights organization B'Tselem says Palestinians are killed all the time by Israeli security forces and there is no accountability. New York Times and Washington Post leave this angle out.

Some Israeli Officials Backing ‘Shoot-to-Kill’ disarmed Palestinian Suspects

Human Rights Watch | – – Calls for Extrajudicial Killings of Palestinian Suspects Proliferate (New York) – Some senior Israeli officials have been encouraging Israeli soldiers and police to kill Palestinians they…

Why you should join the 8th annual International Open Shuhada Street Campaign

The 2017 International Open Shuhada Street Campaign will take place February 19-26. In Hebron there will be film showings, children’s activities, art projects, teach-in’s, and community gatherings. Internationally the campaign will be...Show More Summary

Paunch: Nepali Reality TV Show For Social Change

Photo : Search For Common Ground Most of the television shows aim to entertain their viewers. But some television shows can inspire social change. Most of the reality TV shows focus tends to be on drama, personal conflict, and entertainment rather than educating viewers. Show More Summary

Shadowproof’s Favorite Things In 2016

We asked our contributors to share some of their favorite things they read, saw, and heard in 2016. The post Shadowproof’s Favorite Things In 2016 appeared first on Shadowproof.

Mass Graves Found in Aleppo; Mosul Pause; Retaliation for Alleged Russian Hacks

Next Cold War Roundup 12/28/16: Evacuation of rebels from East Aleppo is complete. Syrian coalition forces found evidence of mass executions and torture and stockpiles of weapons and supplies. The Obama administration signed the “Global Magnitsky” and will publicly announce actions to “punish the Russians” for alleged election hacks. Show More Summary

6 Reasons Feminist Carrie Fisher Was Ahead of Her Time

TeleSur | – – While all Star Wars (male) fans only remember Carrie Fisher in her sex-slave golden bikini, the late actress had a feminist conception of her role way ahead of…

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