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Tycoon With Shirt Made of Gold Murdered

An Indian businessman famous for flaunting his wealth with a shirt made entirely of gold was beaten to death in what cops believe was a dispute over money. Police say Datta Phuge, a 48-year-old moneylender in the city of Pune, was killed by a group of around a dozen men...

Meet And Greet Prabal and Bipul, That Will Be A Lot For Social Cause

If you are a Nepalese music lover, you definitely know Bipul Chhetri. Originally he is from India but he sings and writes Nepali songs. See the power of Nepali Music ? Nepali folk music has different melody and power. Bipul's touch is more magical. Show More Summary

‘I Am a Human Being’: A visit with Dareen Tatour

At about 3:00 am on October 11, 2015, Israeli police and border guards kicked open the door of the Tatour family home and hauled Dareen Tatour off in her pajamas. The police had no warrant and offered no explanation for the shocking pre-dawn raid. Show More Summary

Workers Con Time Clock With Boxes Over Heads

A good percentage of 30 town hall workers in Boscotrecase, Italy, located just outside Naples, have absenteeism issues, with some resorting to ridiculous measures to game the time-clock system by signing in, then leaving, or even punching each other's cards. But while cops recently arrested more than two-thirds of the...

Has the US Military become a B Movie Alien for the rest of the World?

By William J. Astore | ( ) | – – Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Cartoonist Walt Kelly’s famed possum, Pogo, first…

Paul Ryan's annus horribilis

A Republican in favour of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? No wonder his poll numbers are plummeting. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is a free trader who not so long ago was a fairly typical Republican, so much so he was Mitt Romney's choice for vice president in the 2012 race. Show More Summary

Yes, Now You Can Purchase Your Very Own Russian T-72 Tank or Air Defense System

Dave Majumdar Security, Yes you can.  Do you need a Soviet-designed surface-to-air missile defense system to deter your neighbors? If so, a small U.S.-based arms broker named the Redfish Trading Company is offering to sell a complete...Show More Summary

The Communal Police: Death Squad Of A Dying Political Regime

When the Council of Europe (CoE), in 2009 decided to support forming the Communal Police (CP) in Serbia, citizens through the country were presented with a promotional campaign, in order to familiarize them with this new institution of public order. Show More Summary

End the Drug War: Philippines President Duterte Says Kill All Drug Dealers

President Rodrigo Duterte, the new leader of the Philippines is out of his mind. His method in solving the drug war is simple, curb demand and supply by killing off drug dealers. What if he continues his madness and wipes out thousands...Show More Summary

Australia’s AAA credit rating under threat, but who cares?

Standard & Poor's (one of the 'Big Three' credit rating agencies) has put Australia on negative watch, with a one in three chance that our rating will be downgraded before long. On the face of it, this sounds like a big deal that can only be avoided by budget-tightening actions (which the close election result has made less likely). Show More Summary

In key vote, Democratic Party won’t stand up for Palestine– and Cornel West calls out racism

The Democratic Party platform committee voted down an amendment opposing "settlements" and "occupation" in Palestine, as the Clinton establishment elicited the largest boos of the day in Orlando. Bernie Sanders surrogate Cornel West ascribed the vote to racism.

Making It In America: From Bullied, Gay Boy to High-Flying Fashion Designer

The political climate now is voracious. A central issue, perhaps the central issue is Immigration. In America, Republicans strongly back building a wall, while Democrats are committed to keeping the borders open. Independents might be...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton has a decision to make

Hillary Clinton decided to embrace Elie Wiesel as a hero when people who support Palestinian rights pointed out his rank hypocrisy. And she has lots of pro-Israel company in doing so. But she should consider what violent ethnocentric friends she is embracing, and what their extremism is doing to Israel and Palestine.

Man Tries to Smuggle Himself Inside His Own Suitcase

Border guards in Switzerland received quite a shock Monday as they watched a full-grown man emerge from inside a normal suitcase. The AP reports the 21-year-old man from Eritrea was trying to smuggle himself into Switzerland aboard a train from Italy. Guards boarded the train to check passenger documents and...

NATO's Warsaw Summit: Can't Allies Do a Little More?

Robert Wilson Security, Europe, Poland The same countries again seem to be providing more than their share. Anyone who came of age in the 1990s or flipping channels late at night now, remembers the theme song of the television show Friends...Show More Summary

From where I stand: Yoeurn Reaksa

Cross-posted from UN Women Photo: UN Women Cambodia/Lisa Taieb “The men at the factory would stare at me and tell me that I was old enough ‘to be eaten. I was the newcomer. Walking the small distance from my sewing machine to the toilet used to be very uncomfortable.’ New women coming to work at the factory often experienced harassment. Show More Summary

On Eid al-Fitr 2016: Muslim-Americans becoming Thread in the US Tapestry

By Abbas Barzegar | (The Conversation) | – – Ramadan, a month of intense prayer and fasting, has been especially trying for American Muslims this summer: Other than the heat, the small…

Israeli officers permitted to open fire on boys with slingshots

Israeli police have been authorised to use lethal force as a first resort against Palestinians throwing stones, firebombs or fireworks, according to documents revealed by human rights group Adalah, Al Jazeera reports.

The Interpreter's election wrap

We started our election coverage eight weeks ago by considering what the international community would be thinking after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced Australia was off to the ballot box. One word seemed to summarise the reaction: 'Again?' Yesterday's election was the country's third in just under six years. Show More Summary

Filed Under Very Canadian Crimes: Riding a Moose

Perhaps you imagined a man riding a moose was a common sight in Canada. Quite the contrary, it's actually a criminal offense—as two British Columbia men have learned. A year after a video was posted to YouTube showing a man jumping from a boat onto the back of a...

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