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Green Acres and Picnic at Hanging Rock

When friends of ours, Sally and Greg, from Daylesford invited Denise and me to house sit and feed their farm animals over the weekend, we snapped at the chance to play Green Acres in Oz. If you're over forty from either America or Australia...Show More Summary

Advocate for ‘white British people’ bridles when Rula Jebreal mentions race

The British Islamophobe Douglas Murray has attacked author Rula Jebreal, saying she poses as a "poor suffering Palestinian." That's a lie, and Murray's thin-skinnedness about his whiteness, when he's advocated for "white British people," is also laughable.

Ignoring Cobra Bite, Pop Star Sings to Her Death

An Indonesian pop star known for dancing with snakes was bitten by a king cobra during a concert on Sunday and kept on singing until she collapsed and later died. Irma Bule, 29—famous in the Dangdut genre of Indonesian folk music, per Mashable —often included pythons, cobras, and boa...

Lowy Institute-CFR joint workshop: Southeast Asian perspectives on US-China competition

I was in Singapore earlier this week with Lowy Institute colleagues for a workshop co-hosted with the Council on Foreign Relations. Our theme, highly relevant for Australia, was 'Southeast Asian Perspectives on US-China Competition'. After...Show More Summary

The Iranian Nuclear Deal Keeps Getting Worse

The nuclear deal with Iran is not going well. Last month, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps fired two ballistic missiles that landed almost a thousand miles away. The US objected, but the Iranians are defiant. “The reason we designedShow More Summary

Hotel Staff, Guests Do Nothing as Woman Attacked

A man attacked a woman in a hotel hallway Sunday in Beijing for minutes on end as hotel staff and other guests ignored the situation, the Washington Post reports. Video of the attack has since gone viral on Chinese social media, bringing attention to the country's issues with sexism and...

Diplomatic Bluff to Break Longest Modern Siege

Sarajevo could have been liberated, rescued early into the siege; however too many EU and US political leaders either were acquiescent or resigned to what they viewed as the inevitable fall of the city that was defending religious/ethnic pluralism and the very values now under assault in Paris or Brussels from ISIS, and right wing demagogues. Show More Summary

Palestinian reflections on Israel’s hysterical attack on BDS

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has called for the expulsion of BDS leaders because “you cannot turn the other cheek to those who beat us.” In their extremist incitement against the BDS movement, Israeli leaders, from right to extreme-right,...Show More Summary

Why Cape Town's Forgotten Tunnels Could Provide the Answer to the City's Current Drought

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- As I sit in traffic during Cape Town's busy rush hour, it's difficult to imagine that running beneath this city of approximately 3.75 million are hundreds of kilometers of underground brick tunnels, tunnels that transport millions of liters of fresh spring water from Table Mountain directly out into the sea. Show More Summary

Syria: Al-Assad Family’s Massive Stolen Wealth in Panama Papers helps explain Revolution

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – The revelation in the leaked Panama Papers that Mossack Fonseca and Swiss bank HSBC serviced the companies of corrupt Syrian billionaire Rami Makhlouf…

Free Speech Can Be Offensive. Lebanon Should Get Over It.

A recent cartoon in a Saudi Arabian newspaper suggested that the Lebanese state is a joke. The cartoon showed a picture of the Lebanese flag captioned by the words "April Fool's." Naturally, it elicited many reactions among the Lebanese. Show More Summary

North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Fiery Destruction of Seoul

North Korea has released a propaganda video showing the destruction of the South Korean capital 10 days after a similar video imagined a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C. The video, published by North Korean website DPRK Today on Monday, shows missiles launched from mobile carriers striking and destroying buildings in Seoul. Show More Summary

Fighting Human Trafficking in Albania

Cross-posted from UN Women Photo: UNDP in Moldova Linda was 16 years old when her neighbor lured her away from her tiny impoverished village in southern Albania. For years, she had yearned for the opportunity to escape her violent father’s wrath and to help her younger siblings financially. Show More Summary

Why Culture is Essential for Conflict Recovery and Sustainable Development

Does the revival of culture play a critical role in recovering from conflict and achieving sustainable development? At a conference in Phnom Penh organized by Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) on the 40th anniversary of the fall of the Khmer...Show More Summary

13-year-old Palestinian boy shot in head (and no one is executed for the attack)

Hatim abu Mayyala, 13, was hospitalized after being shot in the back of the head with a rubber-coated bullet by Israeli forces on Saturday in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. His father said Israeli forces wanted to detain the child after clashes in the occupied neighborhood.

Is Trump, wrong on everything else, Right on US Foreign Policy?

By John Feffer | ( Foreign Policy in Focus) | – – It might take someone of Trump’s vapid visibility to drive home the point that “world’s policeman” is not a viable…

'We Are Ready for Dialogue' Declare Young Arab Voices in Forum in Tunis

The first Regional Forum of the Young Arab Voices, co-organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) and the British Council, gathered in the Tunisian capital more than 80 emerging young leaders from eight Arab countries of the MiddleShow More Summary

Wit, Conflict and other Entanglements: A discussion with Palestinian filmmaker Muayad Alayan

Silvia Hassoun interviews Palestinian filmmaker Muayad Alayan about his first feature film Love, Theft and other Entanglements, which presents a fresh and innovative way to look at the reality of occupation in Palestine. Alayan says, "We wanted to create a story that is somehow unreal like a fairy tale. Show More Summary

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