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Outing the Russian Military in Eastern Ukraine

A number of citizen data verification initiatives, both Ukrainian and Russian, specifically focus on tracking down information about the origins and fates of individuals fighting in Donbas.

How Guatemalan Group ‘Las Poderosas’ Uses Theater to Confront Violence Against Women

For these women, theater is a means to heal trauma and raise awareness of gender-based violence within a country where two women a day are killed on average.

Wife of a Former World Champion Speaks Out in Bahrain: “He was Arrested for Buying Cigarettes and Milk”

Former Bahraini gold medal holder in Brazilian jujitsu Mohamed Mirza was sentenced to 10 years in prison "for going out to buy cigarettes and milk," tweets his wife.

New York Times published piece about Netanyahu’s racism, then rewrote all of it

On March 17, the day of the 2015 Israel election, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Jewish Israelis that Arabs were voting “in droves.” The New York Times published an article about the incident—and more generally about Netanyahu’s bigoted,...Show More Summary

In Caracas I Found Tehran

Against the backdrop of the rapprochement between their two countries, Iranians and Venezuelans find friendship and common ground—and love too.

Firing of Mexican Journalist Carmen Aristegui Unleashes Heated Comments on Twitter

At the launching of MéxicoLeaks, a platform that collects leaked information about possible corruption, journalist Carmen Aristegui and her research team declared that they would back the project. This lead MVS Radio, their employer, to fire Aristegui's collaborators, Daniel Lizarraga and Iriving Huerta, for supposedly compromising the company name. In...

United Nations: 100,000 Gazans Still Homeless Since Summer Attack

By IMEMC News & Agencies | – The official UN death-toll for the 2014 war shows that 1,549 Palestinian civilians were killed in comparison to four Israelis, and 504 Palestinian children were…

How Nigerian Bloggers, Writers, Activists Wrote a Book in Five Days

A group of Nigerian writers met in December 2014 to write a book in five days. Global Voices talks to Barbara Ruehling, who facilitated the process.

For Nepali Migrant Workers, the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar is a Game of Death

"FIFA: DROP QATAR!! Nepal's slaves are dying like flies!" Over a third of the migrants building the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are Nepalis. Their story is harrowing.

Inside the Kremlin Troll Army Machine: Templates, Guidelines, and Paid Posts

A new cache of documents on the inside operations of the Kremlin's troll army provides a list of LiveJournal accounts operated by employees and talking points provided to the commenters.

US To Venezuela “Resistance is Futile” Glenn Greenwald does an excellent analysis of President Obama’s declaration, to bring punitive sanctions, that Venezuela is a grave threat to US security interests. From the intercept:...Show More Summary

Herzog and Netanyahu are likely to share power — because Herzog won’t share it with Arab List

Likely election-winner Isaac Herzog of Labour won't end the occupation and won't put political energy into bringing about a Palestinian state because the Israeli people don't care about peace right now, Daniel Levy and Tal Schneider explain

Google wants (us?) to live forever

“Don’t be evil” was the formal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google Wikipedia “The famous Google mantra of ‘Don’t be evil’ is not entirely what it seems.” “Evil is what Sergey [Brin] says is evil.” Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Google “If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? [...]

‘The chrysalis of mirrors around Palestine’ — ‘Two Blue Lines’ screens on first night of JVP

When documentarian Tom Hayes had made a film about refugee camps on the Cambodian border, "No one threatened my funding or phoned in bomb threats to the theater or my house." All that changed when he turned to Palestine.

Netanyahu flails against int’l conspiracy, as liberal Zionists seek orange revolution against ‘fading strongman’

On the ropes, Netanyahu describes an international conspiracy to get him out of office, along with Arab parties, and the New York Times bashes his settlement program as "problematic" to two-state solution

Strangled with Her Own Scarf: A Student's Murder Haunts Kyrgyz Society

As the anniversary of 19-year-old Camilla Duishebaeva's murder approaches, many believe the investigation has been deliberately impeded.

Look What Large-Scale Mining Did to These Four Beautiful Philippine Islands

"We cannot remain deaf and blind to the excesses of mining while our people suffer the consequences of actions not of their own making.”

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