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Iran’s kumbaya video: let’s cut the deal and turn to ‘existential battle’ against extremists

Netanyahu says that the Iran deal is a "jackpot" for Iran, which is an existential threat. But Iran says the real existential threat are the "hooded" men ravaging "the cradle of civilization"

New Facebook Competitor Wants to Be 'Morally Better'

There are no bikini beach photos or swear words on Brazil's new social network—and no "likes," either, but rather, "amens"—and that's apparently how Facegloria's roughly 100,000 users want it. While Facebook bans nudity, hate speech, graphic violence, and other questionable content, Facegloria's no-no list is a lot...

‘America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel’ — Allen Ginsberg

Ginsberg's poem America, written nearly 60 years ago in the year of his mother's death, still has incredible power as a critique and guarded praise of the country he thrived in, Roland Nikles writes

11 Palestinians injured in protesting settlement linked to killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir

A year after his murder, Muhammad Abu Khdeir's class graduated from high school with an empty seat this year for him, even as the men accused of killing him have had endless court appearances without a result. Palestinians call the trial "a sham."

Bosnia to US, From Refugees to Great Americans

Early July still brings a bittersweet week for Bosnian-Americans. They are reminded by the Srebrenica genocide commemoration why so many had to flee Bosnia and Herzegovina and why they/we are so fortunate to have been welcomed in America. Show More Summary

Digital diplomacy links: LGBTI blitz, Germany's Bollywood hit, DFAT blog and more

On the first Friday of each month the Interpreter will publish Digital Diplomacy links instead of the weekly Digital Asia links. As Australian digital diplomacy strives to catch-up to the rest of the world, these links will highlight...Show More Summary

Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses

To commemorate her magazine's 15th anniversary, US megastar talk show host and social justice philanthropist Oprah Winfrey glammed out wearing pearl-shaped 69 carat Leviev diamond earrings on the cover of the May 2015 edition of O, the Oprah Magazine. Show More Summary

‘Patronizing Israeli crap’ — more American Jewish responses to Oren

Michael Oren sought to shore up American Jewish support for Israel, but by insulting Obama, Jewish secularism and the tikkun olam tradition, the former ambassador has angered Jeffrey Goldberg, Ron Kampeas and Leon Wieseltier and hastened the divorce between the two communities

The Roundup for July 1st, 2015

A new month! Greece and the Giant Grexit, Day 2 – Greece missed its June 30 payment to the International Monetary Fund – Mark Weisbrot: “Are the European authorities trying to get rid of the Greek government?“; Good question – In general, this crisis was expected and European officials are seriously considering a Grexit – President...

Palestinian is shot at Qalandiya checkpoint a day after Israeli soldier is stabbed at Bethlehem checkpoint

An average of two Israeli civilians per week have sustained injuries from Palestinians so far this year, and one was killed. In the same time period, an average of 39 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces per week, with 13 killed

Michael Oren, Neo-Orientalism and the Ghost of Edward Said

By Daniel Brumberg | (Informed Comment) | – – Poor Edward Said cannot rest in peace. Twelve years after he passed away from cancer, his ghost apparently haunts the State Department, Pentagon…

Why Khamenei's Red Lines Aren't Only About the Nuke Talks

The June 30 deadline for the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group -- the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany -- to reach a comprehensive agreement has once again been extended. Both the supporters and opponents of the agreement in Iran and the United States have intensified their efforts. Show More Summary

UN at 70, Ready to be Retired?

UN Photo At 50, the UN appeared to be facing a middle-age crisis. Then I was Foreign Minister of a re-emerging Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) with the opportunity to stand in and symbolize the survival of a country still seized by genocide and aggression and where many thought it would not survive the onslaught from outside and within. Show More Summary

Inside the labyrinth: a daytrip to East Jerusalem

On a visit to East Jerusalem, the rule of occupation and apartheid is concrete and tangible. Services are denied to Palestinians that Jewish settlers living among them get. When you build walls, you make a labyrinth of the world, a graffiti warns

The Roundup for June 30th, 2015

Goodbye June! Greece And The Giant Grexit – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: Greece will not be kicked out of the euro – Meanwhile, leaders throughout Europe say otherwise if the referendum comes back as “no”; Vote no anyway – European Council President Donald Tusk: No EU member state is willing to bailout Greece – A...

Canberra's Singapore swing

[youtube:g84h-u8yQ_4] Yesterday's announcement of an Australia-Singapore Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP), on the cusp of Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrations, has significance beyond the bilateral relationship. The bundling...Show More Summary

Bringing Peace and Ending Violence for Women and Girls

©Cherry Stoltenberg/HEAL Africa Deep inside the sprawling HEAL Africa Hospital complex in the Eastern Congolese city of Goma is a small ward where women recover from injuries they suffered during complicated births and violent sexual attacks. Show More Summary

Ukraine: World War II Fiasco Leads to Public Relations Disaster and Thorny Questions for Kiev and Foreign Diaspora

For Kiev, winning the public relations war against Vladimir Putin would seem to be a no-brainer. For a year now, the Kremlin has conducted a thinly-disguised war of aggression in eastern Ukraine resulting in the deaths of thousands.Show More Summary

Israeli forces shoot 14-year-old Palestinian with live ammo during West Bank march

Ma‘an reports: Israeli forces shot and injured a 14-year-old Mohammad Abdul Ilah with live ammunition on Saturday when they opened fire on a march in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum near Qalqiliya.

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