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Revenge from the “Disgrace of Gijón” as Algeria and Germany Face Up Again at the World Cup

Algeria and Germany national teams are set to face up on June 30 in Porto Alegre in the knock-out round of the FIFA World Cup. The match will revive plenty of strong emotions from both sides because of their previous game in 1982 at the World Cup in Spain. In their...

Sarajevo 1914 and New York City 2001: Is It Happening Again?

Does history's shrapnel still inflict damage and more critically, have we learned to mitigate the collateral damage? Some still debate whether Gavrilo Princip, the Serb nationalist who assassinated Austro-Hungarian Heir to the Throne...Show More Summary

Soldiers in Schools: The Impact of Military Occupations on Education

BANGKOK -- Schools are targeted in conflicts around the world, because they might represent ideas viewed as controversial, because the destruction of a civilian building that is important to a community inflicts terror, or because a school reduced to rubble can rob an entire generation of education. Show More Summary

A Masked Superhero Is Riding Around This Colombian City and Feeding the Hungry

He is known as Super Pan (Super Bread, in English), and he gives bread to those who need it in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga.

China's Pixar? A Sneak Peek From New Animation Studio Light Chaser

Below is an edited version of the post “A sneak peek from China’s new animation-house upstart” by Jason Li, originally published on the blog 88 Bar. Light Chaser Animation is a startup animation studio based in Beijing. “Little Yeyos,” a short film about seven spirits living in the mythological Chinese spirit world, is...

Disrupting Hillary

In one of the most enduring images from the lead-up to the 2008 Democratic primaries, frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared in a rogue political ad as Big Brother. It was a take-off on the infamous 1984 Super Bowl commercial that pitted...Show More Summary

This Philippine Wedding Video of a Dying Cancer Patient Will Move You to Tears

The groom died 10 hours after marrying his girlfriend. Diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer last month, his dying wish was to marry the mother of his two-year old daughter. The wedding took place in a public hospital in Manila, Philippines. The video instantly became popular in the Internet. Written...

Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it

Never before have so many pro-Israel Jews and mainstream Jewish organizations excitedly promoted the website of David Duke and wanted to know: “What does former Klansman and white supremacist David Duke think?” What's the cause of this turn of events? Duke recently issued a statement in support of the Presbyterian Church USA’s move for divestment. Show More Summary

Video: Kenya Battery Recycling Factory Poisons Community

(Nairobi) – Thousands of people in a poor urban district outside Mombasa face serious health consequences from toxic lead from a battery recycling plant, Human Rights Watch said today. The crisis is the result of the Kenyan government’s...Show More Summary

This Street in Bangladesh Has a Colorful World Cup Celebration to Rival Brazil

Bangladesh didn't qualify to play in the tournament, but the country's football fans have caught World Cup fever nonetheless.

Russians See in US Government Spokesperson the “Heart of a Dog”

An unusual video clip – the latest in a series of Internet memes attacking Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the US State Department – is circulating among Russians online.

Alexander Sodiqov is not the first Professional to be Accused of Illegal Activities by the Government of Tajikistan (and he may not be the last)

In Tajikistan, where facts do not matter, a journalist is a terrorist, an academic researcher is a spy, and a development organization is viewed as part of the opposition. #FreeSodiqov.

‘AMCHA aims to suppress scholarship honestly discussing Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights’: Prof. Rabab Abdulhadi responds to Israel lobby smear campaign

Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi responds to the false allegations made by the AMCHA Initiative in its latest escalation of the McCarthyist repression campaign to silence discussion of Palestinian rights on campus.

Belzec: Past and Present

Belzec. It's not exactly a household name. But during World War II, Belzec, a small town in southeastern Poland, was one of the main Nazi death camps in the occupied country, along with Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka. As many as 500,000 Jews were murdered there by the Nazis. Show More Summary

Russian Phone Prankster Fools Belarus Dictator

After Lukashenko found out he was a victim of a prank, he apparently gave his security apparatus "a week" to find Vovan and bring him to some form of justice.

Iran's Internet Under Hassan Rouhani: Hope and Disillusionment as Narenji Bloggers Face Prison Sentence

What explains the recent moves to tighten controls within Iran’s cyberspace alongside Rouhani’s liberal Internet ethos? Mahsa Alimardani and Fred Petrossian explain in this exclusive #longread for GVA.

Israeli soldiers have killed 3 Palestinians in week since teens went missing

Israel has arrested 330 people in the West Bank since the 3 Israeli teens went missing a week ago. On Friday its soldiers shot and killed two Palestinian youths, three overall in the last week

Killing without consequence

Moira Jilani writes about the killing of her husband Ziad by Israeli border police: "My husband was killed by a trigger-happy Israeli border policemen. They ought to face trial for both the crime and the cover-up. It’s time for the American government to step up, support American citizens such my daughters and I, and insist that Israel hold a proper trial."

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