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Mapping Canada by Population Instead of Land Area

In terms of physical size, Canada is the second largest country in the world behind only Russia. But most of its 35 million people live in a very small area. To see just how small, follow the series of maps below. Where do Canada's people...Show More Summary

Libertarian candidates say US policy has only made Middle East more dangerous

For many people with strong opinions about Israel/Palestine, the 2016 Democratic and Republican presidential candidates don’t offer much in the way of new ideas. With that in mind, a voter might wonder what the Libertarian Party has to offer concerning Israel/Palestine. Show More Summary

This Is What Trump's 'America First' Policy Would Mean For Germany

Donald Trump is branding his foreign policy with the slogan: "America First." He has decided that he wants the U.S. to focus on its own problems. During the fourth Republican GOP debate in November 2015, he said: "We have to get smart. Show More Summary

Out of 1.8 million Gazans, 250 over age 50 are allowed to travel to Jerusalem to pray

250 Palestinian worshippers, all above the age of 50, traveled to Jerusalem via the Erez crossing between the besieged enclave and Israel to attend prayers, before immediately returning to the Gaza Strip. The number of Palestinians permitted to worship at Al-Aqsa was reduced by Israel in recent weeks

Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their ‘hygiene culture is not like ours’

Last week the head of the Lower Galilee Regional Council, Moti Dotan, said he didn't want Arab citizens of Israel using community swimming pools because they have a different “hygiene culture” that is “not like ours.” A Haaretz editorial...Show More Summary

The Decay of American Politics: Pseudo-Election 2016

By Andrew J. Bacevich | ( | – – My earliest recollection of national politics dates back exactly 60 years to the moment, in the summer of 1956, when I watched the…

Dan Witz's 'Breathing Room' Installs Meditating Figures In 10 London Phone Booths

"It was an insane install," says Dan Witz of his London phone booth guerrilla art project, "probably one of the most challenging of my career." Dan Witz. "Breathing Room" London, July 2016. (photo © Dan Witz) The New York street artist,...Show More Summary

Israeli racism unmasks Netanyahu goodwill video

In an effort to apologize for last year’s notorious election-day comment when he warned that “the Arabs are coming out to vote in droves,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to social media to last week to urge Palestinian citizens to become more active in public life. Show More Summary

Sam Harris and the politics of ‘good intentions’

Prominent "New Atheist" author Sam Harris argues against professor Noam Chomsky that noble intentions of US interventionism morally exonerates any civilian death as 'collateral damage'. Chomsky maintains that casualties of wars waged by the United States are not by-products of intervention, but are at the very essence of American strategy.

Neither Vladimir Putin Nor His Staff Have Ever Spoken to Trump: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has never spoken to U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump and neither has anyone in his administration, a Kremlin spokesman has told NBC. Dmitry Peskov said the Russian leader has had no contact with...Show More Summary

Remembering the Great Ahmed Zewail - We Live on One Planet

Ahmed Zewail, Nobel laureate and pioneering father of the field of femtochemistry died today at age of 70. A friend of The Nobelity Project and one of nine Nobel laureates in our first feature film, Nobelity, Dr. Zewail's insights have long been a pillar of our work for education for all. Show More Summary

US Military's Third Offset Dilemma: How Soon is Too Soon for New Weapons?

James Hasik Security, Historical perspective should inform the aims of the Pentagon’s Third Offset strategy.  RAND has just released a public version of its study War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable (hat-tip to Council member Byron Callan for bringing that to my attention). Show More Summary

U.S. Air Force Declares F-35 Stealth Fighter Ready for War

Dave Majumdar F-35, United States “I am proud to announce this powerful new weapons system has achieved initial combat capability (IOC).” The United States Air Force has officially declared its version of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operational earlier today. Show More Summary

The hack that keeps on giving

Until a little over a week ago, Julian Assange was probably suffering from relevancy deprivation syndrome after being holed up in London's Ecuadorian Embassy for years. But not anymore. As debate continues over Russian involvement in...Show More Summary

Check Out Volcano's 'Smiley Face'

Video of a volcano that appears to be smiling has gone viral after Mick Kalber of helicopter tour company Paradise Helicopters happened to be in the right place (Hawaii) at the right time (Wednesday), Mashable reports. ABC 10 reports that the video shows the Kilauea volcano, which is one of...

The DNC Hack Is Just One Instance of the Kremlin Meddling in Western Politics

MOSCOW -- The Democratic National Convention was in scandal last week after WikiLeaks released thousands of hacked emails between DNC members, showing what many believed to be corruption in the party's inner workings. The leak led to...Show More Summary

Great Narrative of China

There's a must see on Times Square these next few days! For free. 120 times a day until August 3rd. Tourist or local, it is very difficult to miss it, if you happen to pass through Times Square in New York. The Chinese state news agency's...Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter activists join weekly protest in Bil’in, Palestine

Residents of Bil'in village were joined in solidarity by international and Israeli activists, including several activists from the Black Lives Matter movement. Two protesters were arrested as the demonstration was dispersed.

Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC

During his speech to the DNC Bill Clinton said, "If you’re a Muslim and you love America and freedom and you hate terror, stay here and help us win and make a future together, we want you." Imraan Siddiqi responds: "The DNC is presenting itself as a more tolerant, open option in comparison to what the RNC has to offer. Show More Summary

In These Troubling Times, Let's Reflect On The Legacy Of Jesse Owens

I really like leap years. Leap years coincide with Olympic years -- which means we get a never-ending supply of aesthetics, suspense, and emotions on TV during the month of August. The Games always take place within a wider context. In 2016, our planet is in a state of turmoil in the face of extreme terrorism. Show More Summary

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