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Singapore at 50: Time's up on the 'fishing village' narrative

Singapore is this week celebrating its coming of middle age as an independent country, a 50th birthday milestone that deserves due pomp and ceremony, given the accomplishments and sacrifices of the 'pioneer generation' since the city-state's...Show More Summary

A Day in the Life of 7Hills, Amman’s Community Skate Park

The construction of Amman’s 7Hills skate park, built by a team of volunteers and the local community in 18 days last December, piqued the interest of the world’s media, a rare positive story to emerge from Jordan, which borders someShow More Summary

Trump loses some gloss as GOP candidates debate Iran and ISIS

[youtube:cQRbOt33EbY] At around 5pm on Thursday night, Donald Trump's gaudy black and gold private jet, worth around $100 million, landed in Cleveland Ohio. Having skipped the Republican pre-debate on Monday (which provides a platform...Show More Summary

Think-Tank Releases Anti-Radicalization Video to Counter ISIS Propaganda

The video, which has received over 28,000 views since its release on August 3, depicts an British foreign fighter sitting alone in a small, damp room with the sound of gunfire and bombs outside. A young fighter, who is wounded and exhausted,...Show More Summary

Inspired by Gandhi, a Palestinian Resists Israeli Settlements

Looking out from a dusty hilltop over the West Bank's largest city, Hebron, Israeli flags pepper the rooftops below while a grey watchtower and a giant, symbolic Jewish menorah protrude toward the sky on a ridge in the distance. Hebron,...Show More Summary

Obama's clean power plan just the tonic for Paris climate talks

By Frank Jotzo, Director of the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy at ANU, and Howard Bamsey, adjunct Professor at ANU and previously Australia's Special Envoy on Climate Change. President Obama's Clean Power Plan is a step towards a climate-friendlier US economy. Show More Summary

Labour's Corbyn Backs Boycott of Israeli Universities Linked to Arms Research

The surprise left-wing front-runner in the UK Labour Party's leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn, has endorsed a boycott on Israeli universities that are involved in researching high-tech military and police hardware to use against the...Show More Summary

The Last Late Late Night FDL: When The Music’s Over

The Doors — When The Music’s Over, live in Copenhagen, 1968. What a long strange trip its been, eh? I’m so thankful to Jane for allowing me to host Late Night/Late Late Night lo these past many years. I’d also like to thank Tut for stepping up and hosting so I didn’t have to host...

Inside a CUFI Summit: Christian Zionists dance the hora and prepare for end times in Washington DC

Ben Norton remembers attending the 2014 Christians United for Israel summit held last summer at the height of the Israeli attack on Gaza. He writes, "a CUFI summit is a place where there is no distinction between church and state, between religion and nation, between faith and ideology. Show More Summary

African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes: Why Challenging the Status Quo Went Viral

Mama Hope launched "African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes" in 2012 with the goal of starting a movement that would shift the perception about Africa. We were tired of seeing the stereotypes: helpless children sifting through garbage with distended bellies and flies in their eyes or bloodthirsty warlords toting AK-47s, and not much in between. Show More Summary

Chasing the Slave Traders: A Law Enforcement Perspective on Operation Underground Railroad

This week's Foreign Policy carries an unusually racy story: Assistant Editor Tom Stackpole 'embedded' himself with an outfit that, in apparent homage to the secret network that helped smuggle American slaves out of danger, calls itself Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). Show More Summary

Ukraine Says Crimea Tourism Ad Displays Kremlin's 'Imperialist Pride'

Russia's attempt to rebrand the annexed Crimean peninsula as a summer tourism hotspot has prompted outrage in Ukraine and been widely mocked by Russian bloggers. Soon after pro-European protesters toppled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's...Show More Summary

Donetsk Separatists Claim to Launch Own Mobile Network to Ward Off Kiev Tapping

Separatists in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region are launching their own mobile phone network, fearing that existing connections could be tapped by Ukrainian security services or have ceased to work as a result of damage incurred to connection...Show More Summary

Cambodia's coming 'colour revolution'?: Border dispute with Vietnam tests stability

Cambodia-Vietnam relations have long been turbulent. Occupation, conflict and political meddling have been hallmarks of the relationship, and disagreement about the border has long been a bone of contention. Last year a group of 600Show More Summary

Europe’s Other Crackdown

The Kremlin’s sweeping, anti-Western crackdown on freedoms in Russia has made headlines everywhere. Government-fomented anti-Western hysteria is at a height not seen since the Soviet era. The government’s witch hunt to ban “undesirable”...Show More Summary

How Khamenei and Obama Must Woo the Opposition to the Nuclear Agreement

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supported President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to negotiate a comprehensive nuclear agreement with P5+1 -- the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany. Show More Summary

Cecil the Lion’s Research Team Looks for Hope in Death of Beloved Predator

Professor David Macdonald was deeply saddened by the news that Cecil, a well-known and revered lion living in Zimbabwe whom he had been tracking since 2008, was killed by a private hunter earlier this month. But Macdonald, the head of...Show More Summary

Workers Warned Mother Who Was Swallowed by Escalator

You'd think that if you almost plummeted through an escalator panel that you'd immediately press the "STOP" button so no one else could get hurt. But in chilling footage from a China mall where a mom fell through such a panel to her death, two mall employees are seen minutes...

In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured ‘clash of civilizations’

Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks, France has seen an explosion of Islamophobic incidents, which are up 28%, along with the rise of the far-right and the official repression of Palestine solidarity activism-- Max Blumenthal and James Kleinfeld show in new documentary, Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

More Than A Personal Journey

"How do you answer the critics who say President Obama hasn't done enough for Africa?" I struggled with an answer to that first interview question during my visit to Nairobi last weekend as Chairman of the U.S. African Development Foundation. Show More Summary

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