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The Life of the Party: 7 Truths for Democrats

2 days agoNews : Truthdig

By Robert Reich / The ongoing contest between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democratic Party continues to divide Democrats.

Women’s March On Washington: Secret Service Allegedly Investigating After Madonna Said She ‘Thought about Blowing Up White House’

A spokesperson for the Secret Service has allegedly said that the agency is “aware” of pop star Madonna’s comment at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington that she had thought about “blowing up the White House.” The spokesperson allegedly said that although the Secret Service will open an investigation, the decision to prosecute rests on the... Show More Summary

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Lies Blatantly About Inauguration Crowd During First Day In Office [Opinion]

The new White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been slammed for blatantly lying about the size of the crowds which had assembled to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Friday. Spicer came down heavily on journalists during his first press conference at the James S. Show More Summary

Body Language Experts Give Inauguration Verdict: Donald Trump ‘A Bit Selfish’ As Obamas Do Their Best To Help ‘Neglected’ Melania Trump

Body language experts weighed in on yesterday’s inauguration citing that Donald Trump was a “bit selfish” but still respectful of Barack Obama and that Melania Trump’s needs were neglected by her husband but fortunately, the Obamas were there for her. Show More Summary

Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’? Nope. It’s Putin and Ansari.

2 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

The show opened with an impersonation of the Russian president, and the host, the actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, urged the new American president to address issues of race.

Donald Trump's Rural Voters Could Be His Administration's Biggest Victims

Click here for reuse options! The repeal of the Affordable Care Act with no viable alternative would devastate America's heartland. The health of rural America is failing, and a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without adequate replacement could prove disastrous. Show More Summary

Congratulations, America! You've Elected an Actual Fascist President

Click here for reuse options! It finally happened here—but there's still time to save the best of our country. America’s increasingly abnormal politics have now surrendered to dystopia. Donald Trump, a serial liar, narcissist, failed...Show More Summary

Aziz Ansari praises Women's March for challenging Trump on SNL

2 days agoNews : NY Daily News

Aziz Ansari urged those worried about the next four years to find comfort that they’re not alone — “an entire gender protested” Trump.

President Trump Copies Obama Again: @POTUS Twitter Photo Had Snapshot Of Obama’s 2009 Inauguration

President Donald Trump is accused of copying former president Barack Obama once more after users on Twitter noticed a photo he had on the account was a snapshot of the 2009 inauguration. Daily Mail reports that Trump used Obama’s inauguration photo as his background image on his official account as president of the United States,... Show More Summary

Interior Department Banned From Twitter? Did Donald Trump Ban The National Park Service From Twitter?

Donald Trump’s inauguration sparked controversy long before the president-elect was ever sworn in as president. This past Friday, reports surfaced indicating the Department of the Interior had been banned from Twitter on orders from the incoming administration due to anti-Trump posts and retweets. Show More Summary

White House Accuses Media of Lying About Trump Crowd Size

2 days agoNews : Newsweek: US

In a hostile press conference, new spokesman Sean Spicer doesn't take questions, incorrectly claims the 'largest audience ever' watched Trump's inauguration.

White House Press Secretary Lies and Yells at Media. It's Day 2 of the Trump Presidency.

Donald Trump’s press secretary kept the media waiting for more than an hour today, and then when Sean Spicer finally deigned to appear for his first White House press briefing, he proceeded to hector reporters, tell demonstrable lies, and all but fire himself out of a cannon in the general direction of the press corps. Show More Summary

White House Press Secretary Rips Reporters In First Briefing Room Appearance

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer used his first appearance in the White House briefing room to unequivocally rebuke the press and accuse reporters of misreporting the size of the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Spicer claimed...Show More Summary

Trump to meet with British Prime Minister May next week: White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump is set to meet next week with British Prime Minister Theresa May and has talked about meeting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Jan. 31, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Saturday.

Madonna F-Bombs Trump At Women’s March, Says ‘I Have Thought An Awful Lot About Blowing Up The White House’ [Video]

Madonna on Saturday made a surprise appearance at the Women’s March on Washington where she launched a relentless attack against President Trump. In a speech riddled with profanities, (she was taken off air for a while on CNN because of strong language), Madonna said out aloud that she was angry at the election results and... Show More Summary

Adama Barrow pledges truth commission over Yahya Jammeh

Adama Barrow says he wants to 'get the facts together' regarding possible crimes of outgoing president Yahya Jammeh.

Justice Department Says Donald Trump Can Appoint Son-In-Law Jared Kushner To White House Staff

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

The Department of Justice advised President Donald Trump on Friday that he could appoint Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, to serve in the White House without running afoul of federal anti-nepotism laws. Trump announced earlier this month that Kushner, one of the most influential members of his inner circle, would serve one of his senior advisers. Show More Summary

How Trump’s executive order impacts future of the Affordable Care Act

President Donald Trump's first executive order targets the sweeping "Obamacare" law by giving federal agencies broad leeway to chip away at the measure. Continue reading ? The post How Trump’s executive order impacts future of the Affordable Care Act appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

It Sure Looks Like More People Showed Up For The Women's March Than Inauguration

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Photos from President Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday appear to show a much smaller crowd than the one at the Women’s March on Washington Saturday. Trump said his inauguration would have “an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout.”...Show More Summary

Donald Trump channels Steve Bannon in inaugural address

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

If you judge President Donald Trump by his inaugural address, you can say that Steve Bannon, his nationalist adviser, is winning the battle for his soul. Trump’s 16-minute address was ferocious in its denunciations of Washington: “Politicians prospered while the jobs left and the factories closed.”...

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