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17 minutes agoNews : Truthdig


When Clinton aides suggested email jokes

Hacked emails of Clinton's top campaign official show that her team considered adding jokes about her private email server to her speeches.

New Google Doodle Celebrates Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Inventor of Microbiology

17 minutes agoNews : NewsFeed

The doodle represents the "little animals" Leeuwenhoek discovered that later became known as bacteria

It's Official: Marlowe Listed as Shakespeare's Co-Author

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," wrote William Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part II—or was it Christopher Marlowe? After more than 400 years, Marlowe has been given joint credit for all three of the Henry VI plays long thought to have been the work of...

Islamic State Feint Toward Kirkuk Defeated, but Kills Hundreds in Mosul

18 minutes agoNews : Truthdig

By Juan Cole / Informed Comment The two big stories on Friday and Saturday morning were a diversionary attack on Kirkuk by the fundamentalist organization, and CNN’s discovery that Islamic State killed nearly 300 civilians in Mosul, including children.

Chicago tragedy front and center in 2016

Many wonder what difference either presidential candidate will make in turning the tide of what has been one of the deadliest years on record.

France Begins to Clear ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp Outside Calais

18 minutes agoNews : NYTimes: News

It was the start of the country’s effort to dismantle what has become an emblem of Europe’s struggle to get a handle on the migration crisis.

Man Stabs Fellow Churchgoer During Service For No Apparent Reason, Police Say

18 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

A churchgoer in South Carolina repeatedly stabbed a fellow parishioner during a service on Sunday, police said. Billy Lewis, 65, of Wedgefield, was attending Sunday school at the St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church when he allegedly...Show More Summary

The Damage of Today’s Ethos of Doing Whatever It Takes to Win Is Incalculable

19 minutes agoNews : Truthdig

By Robert Reich / By stretching the boundaries of what’s acceptable, Donald Trump, John McCain and many others just like them have undermined prevailing norms and weakened the tacit rules of the game, all of which has trapped us in a vicious cycle of public distrust.

'You have sacrificed nothing and no one'

Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son died in Iraq fighting for the U.S., made headlines with an emotional critique of Trump's proposed Muslim ban.

Tom Hayden, Civil Rights and Antiwar Activist Turned Lawmaker, Dies at 76

19 minutes agoNews : NYTimes: News

Mr. Hayden, one of the nation’s most visible radicals in the 1960s and early ’70s, was a founder of Students for a Democratic Society and a former husband of Jane Fonda.

Demolition Of Calais 'Jungle' Camp Plunges Refugees Into New Uncertainty

19 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

Armed police began Monday to clear out residents from the sprawling refugee camp in Calais, France, that had become a temporary home for as many as 10,000 refugees and migrants. Although living conditions could be squalid in the camp...Show More Summary

The Marissa Alexander Stand Your Ground Assault Case

19 minutes agoNews / Crime : Jim Fisher True Crime

Marissa Alexander, when she married Rico Gray in June 2010, was six months pregnant with their child. She had two children from a previous marriage and Gray had five with five other women. One of his sons, and two of Marissa's children, lived with them in their rented Jacksonville, Florida home. Show More Summary

16 people who shaped the 2016 election

Each day until the election, Yahoo News looks at ordinary people whose stories helped define the wildest White House race in decades.

Crows and Ravens Make New York Comebacks to Caw (and Cr-r-ruck) About

20 minutes agoNews : NYTimes: News

Just a decade ago, the birds were almost nowhere to be seen or heard in the city. Today, their numbers are growing, and they have been sighted nesting in parks and on buildings.

Suspected Drunken Driver Smashes Into Helicopter

20 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

An alleged drunken driver in New Mexico is accused of driving through a highway barricade and crashing into a medical helicopter over the weekend. The chopper and two fire trucks were parked in the highway in Gallup early Sunday morning...Show More Summary

16 places that shaped the 2016 election

For 16 days until the election, Yahoo News looks at places that became symbols of a divided nation during the wildest White House race in decades.

Bill Murray Gets a Cubs Win and the Mark Twain Prize

20 minutes agoNews : NYTimes: News

David Letterman and others pay tribute to him at a ceremony the actor says he might have skipped if Chicago hadn’t clinched the pennant.

Prominent Anti-War Activist And Member of ‘Chicago 7’ Tom Hayden Dead At 76

20 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

(Reuters) - Veteran social activist and politician Tom Hayden, a stalwart of America’s New Left who served 18 years in California’s state legislature and gained a dash of Hollywood glamour by marrying actress Jane Fonda, has died aged...Show More Summary

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