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21 people on Facebook who should be totally banned from posting about Thanksgiving forever.

8 hours agoOdd : Happy Place

Peacocks would agree. (Via) Gird yourself for the deluge of Thanksgiving status updates that will soon be pouring down your Facebook page. Some will do the "what I'm thankful for" list as a chance to brag about their lives or just spout stuff about how awesome God is. Show More Summary

The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton's Lair

8 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

SS Taylor and Katherine Roy's adventurous YA series continues in a second volume that gets everything right: it's a steampunked alternate history story that's full of intrigue and light-touch, thoughtful critique of imperialism and colonialism, a story that lets you love your pith helmet while still questioning all that it stands for. Show More Summary

Strange Case Histories

8 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research. An Author's Queryby Harold P. Dowd l, Expectorant Author 2 Centerville, USA I'm plannning to write a book about strange case histories called Strange Case Histories....Show More Summary

11 Most Ironic Ways to Die

10 hours agoOdd : Oddee

Everybody does it, some in a more ironic fashion then others. Here's Oddee's list of 11 sardonic deaths.

Mathematical Model Explains Why All Hipsters Look Alike

10 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

There’s a strange phenomenon that occurs when a guy decides to give his soul over to the lame side and become a hipster- he starts to look just like every other hipster in the world. (Image Link) From the beard to the super skinny jeans...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Weekend TV Guide

12 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

The TV marathon has become a holiday custom in America, whatever the holiday. For the four (or five) day Thanksgiving weekend, there are plenty, whether you want to binge on Law & Order: SVU episodes, Pawn Stars, Indiana Jones movies, or Thanksgiving episodes of Friends. Show More Summary

Picdump – November 27, 2014

13 hours agoOdd : Off Stuff Magazine

From my hike through the Grand Canyon earlier this Summer Russian infantry take cover during their battle against the Austro-Hungarian army, at the beginning of World War I in August 1914 More Summary

Facts of the Day – November 27, 2014

13 hours agoOdd : Off Stuff Magazine

Facts of the Day – When Patrick Stewart was first asked to consider playing Professor X on film, the actor had no idea who the character was. So when one of the producers handed him an ‘X-Men’ comic from her desk he responded, “What am I doing on the front of a comic book?” Facts of […]

Funny Pictures – November 27, 2014

13 hours agoOdd : Off Stuff Magazine

One of my more elderly customers gave me this because he “knows that I love technology.” As a Brit, this is how I imagine black Friday in America. Just chilling, dog More Summary

Best Gif’s of the Day – November 27, 2014

14 hours agoOdd : Off Stuff Magazine

Hand-eye coordination Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince) wins Season 19 of “Dancing With The Stars” Vandalism? … No problem we fix this! More Summary

WTF Pictures – November 27, 2014

14 hours agoOdd : Off Stuff Magazine

Got this letter anonymously in the mail A Russian bear that’s passed out from sniffing too much jet fuel. Oooh! These look delici… Yes..These look delicious. More Summary

DeLorean 2.0 - Time For A McFly Makeover

14 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

DeLorean 2.0 by Donnie Doc and Marty came across an old, and seemingly abandoned, police box behind the movie theater, and they liked the look of it so much they decided it would make the perfect replacement for that rusty old DeLorean. Show More Summary

History Teacher Explores Historical Accuracy Of Skyrim

14 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

Video game developers typically have some sort of time period in mind when they’re creating the look and feel of their world, a historical reference point which is easy to spot in the fantasy genre. Fantasy is all about swords and sorcery,...Show More Summary

For sale: every 8-bit Nintendo game

14 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

Shane writes, "@n8duke is selling his complete collection of every 8-bit Nintendo game (and some other NES things) for $25k.

Child Defective Services

15 hours agoOdd : Snopes

Did CPS take three small children from their parents over a homebirth?

White trash Thanksgiving

15 hours agoOdd : The Daily Weird

The post White trash Thanksgiving appeared first on The Daily Weird: A New Weird Picture Every Day.

How the World’s First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap

16 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, and the machine that bore the name is often considered the first true electronic computer, although that depends on how one defines “computer.” It weighed 27 tons, contained 17,468 vacuum tubes, and consisted of 40 huge interconnected metal panels. Show More Summary

Fundraiser tee: #000000 {lives:matter;}

16 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

$12: 1/3 of profits go to Ferguson Public Library, 1/3 to This Week In Blackness Media and 1/3 to Feed the Children of Ferguson. (Thanks, Clive!)

The Shitty Stuff I’m Grateful For

16 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

I am grateful that I have to pay rent each month because my home is safe, warm, and always fun to come home to (thank you lovely roomies).

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