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Sequined Spider

14 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

I should never say never. Because yesterday, I would have sworn up and down that I'd never call a spider a "beautiful creature." But today is a new day, and this beautiful creature is called the sequin (or mirror) spider. This arachnid...Show More Summary

Bill allowing Americans to unlock smartphones passes, heads to Obama

14 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

"The bill Congress passed today is another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier that meets their needs and their budget," the President said. Read the rest

“I MADE THAT CAPE OF DICKS AND NOW IT IS ON THE MARY SUE”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week - Perhaps the best sentence ever typed in the English language.

14 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

This week in our favorite comments: A The Little Mermaid singalong, Clippy invading 50 Shades of Grey, Pedro Pascal, Hawkguy, the legendary Cape of Dicks, and more.

The List of New Game of Thrones Actors Is the Stuff Of Which Dreams Are Made - YES. THE DEEP SPACE NINE PICTURE IS RELEVANT.

14 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

Remember how everybody was all, "You know what would be real great? Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell." WELL HOLD ON TO YOUR DORNISH BUTTS, FRIENDS. Spoilers to follow, naturally.

Breaking: Patrick Wilson And Other Major Cast Members May Have Left Ant-Man - Can't, man?

14 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

Unconfirmed but not necessarily improbable rumor alert: Deadline is reporting that Patrick Wilson and two other "major" cast members have dropped out of the beleaguered Ant-Man.

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Game of Thrones Blooper Reel Right Now - “I’m a Khaleesi, not a Queen. Fck’s sake, mate!”

14 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

First SDCC gave us a Hannibal blooper reel, and now we get Game of Thrones. All the actors on your favorite srs bsns shows are goofballs.

Tips for a Fair and Amicable Divorce

14 hours agoOdd : It Thing!

While some divorces are full of screaming tirades, pettiness, hatred and acrimony, many people who need a divorce just want to end their marriage in a way that leaves the friendship of the couple intact. People may grow apart as they age, or have a major disagreement that cannot be resolved. If you and your [...]

Maintaining the Household the Professional Way

14 hours agoOdd : It Thing!

Finding an experienced handyman service to repair your home can be a difficult process. Many individuals do not need home repair until the situation is an emergency, and this clearly limits the time needed to complete an in-depth search for the right professional. Everyone does not know a handyman to call immediately who can respond [...]

A couple taking a vacation selfie are nearly struck by lightning.

14 hours agoOdd : Happy Place

"Did the flash go off?" No, this video of a couple almost being struck by lightning does not mean that God hates selfies. If that were the case, the Kardashian house would've been overrun by a swarm of locusts years ago. Bieber would never have made it out of his teens. Show More Summary

Watch the two-woman comedy stage show that jumpstarted Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch's careers.

15 hours agoOdd : Happy Place

Fey and Dratch, stars of 'Dratch & Fey' So, you know how your friends are always trying to get you to come out and see their sketch comedy show upstairs at McGinley's Pub? (What's it called this time? Movable Beast? Or is that the last one? Maybe it's Radioactive Child.) Well, you might wanna relent one of these times and go see what it's like. Show More Summary

Creationist Leader Announces Aliens Aren't Candidates For Salvation, Don't Exist Anyways So Who Cares

15 hours agoOdd : Geekologie

Ken Ham, president of the Answers in Genesis ministry (which operates the Creation Museum where he debated Bill Nye) recently announced on his blog that aliens aren't candidates for salvation because they aren't the offspring of Adam and only Adam's descendants can be saved. Show More Summary

Literary Therapy: 11 Quotes To Make You Feel Better

15 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

“I drank some coffee and my outlook improved immensely. I was ready to write some poems and, I don’t know, get drunk, run around, take my shirt off and get kicked out of someplace. You know, live a little.”

Kitten Whips Strange Rival Cat

15 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

(YouTube link) The rival cat doesn’t defend himself at all, because he’s ceramic. But that doesn’t make the battle any less important to this kitten! -via Tastefully Offensive

SDCC14: Maisie Williams Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Eyed for ‘Last Of Us’ Adaptation

15 hours agoOdd : Nerd Bastards

A young actress from one of the most critically-acclaimed TV shows starring in a film based on one of the most critically-acclaimed video games ever? Makes sense. Hot off his announcement about a possible Evil Dead TV series, Sam Raimi dropped another bombshell on San Diego Comic-Con: he is producing a film adaptation of the insanely-loved video game The Last […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer Reminds Everyone That Nobody’s Safe

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

A new trailer for the fifth season of AMC‘s hit television series The Walking Dead reminds everyone that nobody’s safe. The trailer was initially released at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The fifth season is scheduled to premiere October 12, 2014 at 9PM. via The Walking Dead AMC

New Twist on Coexist

15 hours agoOdd : about:blank

You’ve seen those Coexist bumper stickers. The on […]

All the videos from ‘Paul’s Boutique’ on the album’s 25th anniversary

15 hours agoOdd : Death and Taxes

25 years ago today The Beastie Boys released "Paul's Boutique," an album that absolutely destroyed the specter of a sophomore slump.

That 5.5-Inch iPhone Is Still Pretty Mysterious

A larger iPhone seems likely for this fall, but don't bet on an even larger "phablet" version just yet.

Survey Results for America’s Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Film and Character

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

FiveThirtyEight has posted some interesting survey results from a survey they recently ran based on the Star Wars films. The survey was run through SurveyMonkey Audience and collected 1,186 responses from June 3rd to June 6th. As it turns out, people still really hate Jar Jar Binks. More on the survey results is available at [...]

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