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Optical illusions: auto detailing reflections

14 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

Auto detailing can be an art form in the right hands, as air2thethrown shows in this beautiful photo of a field reflected in a car's surface. The regulars at Detailing Bliss would say shooting at such a severe angle is a cheat, but it's a cool effect regardless. Read the rest

Help! This woman’s dumbass petition is making me like Kim Kardashian!

14 hours agoOdd : Death and Taxes

Concern troll mom says Kim Kardashian can't make baby clothes, because she's a slut.

Koch Brothers buy ads on Daily Show, Jon Stewart mercilessly skewers them

14 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

Reading between the lines, I'm guessing Viacom's sales force got eleventy-nine metric fucktons of money from Koch to run ads against TDS, and Stewart decided to show them who was boss. (more…)

Jon Stewart welcomes the Koch Brothers as Daily Show sponsors by fixing their ad for them.

15 hours agoOdd : Happy Place

Koch Is It! Why on earth did the Koch Brothers assume that advertising during the Daily Show would be a good idea? They couldn't have assumed that they would walk into Jon Stewart's house and win over his audience with some slickly-edited stock video clips. Show More Summary

Pictures Of Cats Putting Dogs In Their Place

15 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

(Image Link) Cats have a way of punking dogs that is unbelievable given their difference in size, and the fact that dogs often intimidate humans yet don’t deter cats from coming at them fang and claw. The battle between the most popular...Show More Summary

An Incredibly Detailed Cross-Section Illustration of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

This incredibly detailed illustrated cross-section of Hong Kong’s notoriously overcrowded Kowloon Walled City (previously) was created by Japanese researchers shortly before the enclave was torn down in 1993. The map can be viewed in full size in the book, Large Illustrated Kowloon City, by Kowloon City Expedition, Kazumi Terasawa, and H. Kani. images via Daniel […]

Confessions Of An Independent Woman Who Still Likes Having That “Special Someone”

15 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

I know for a 110% fact that I’m perfectly capable of succeeding on my own, and I know my self-worth. I’m not going to settle for a temporary high, or anything less than I deserve, for that matter.

The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: DC Comics’ Smallville: Continuity #10

15 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

There's just a few chapters left in DC Comics' Smallville: Season 11 and we've got an exclusive look at this week's installment!

10 Songs Where Nicki Minaj Slays Another Artist (On Their Own Track)

15 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

Billboard aptly wrote that Songz “fades into the background” while Nicki “steals the spotlight."

The Mary Sue’s Sunset Overdrive Game and Gift Bag Giveaway! - Get your hands on a bag full of awesome.

15 hours agoOdd : Geekosystem

Sunset Overdrive hit the Xbox One earlier this week, but if you're a little tight on cash post-Comic Con and heading into the holidays, you're in luck! We're giving away a copy of the game along with a bunch of other neat stuff—including a custom skate deck with some great game art!

The 5 Stages Of Looking For Freelance Work

15 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

Unfortunately, unlike the stages of grief, these will affect your life on a never-ending rollercoaster of elation and despair. Enjoy!

Impossible Magnets, Souvenir Magnets for Fictional Destinations From Pop Culture and Literature

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

Impossible Magnets is a series of souvenir magnets for fictional destinations found in movies, books, games, myths and more. The series was created by Martín Feijoó, in collaboration with Miguel Sousa, Sara Enriquez, and Snack Studio. The magnets are available for purchase online. images via Martín Feijoó submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Broken Bone Cast of the Future - Cortex Exoskeleton

15 hours agoOdd : Now That's Nifty

I've never broken a bone, because I'm too good for that. But for the rest of you, this seems like a good option. A design for a 3D-printed cast has been dubbed one of the finalists for the 2013... This is a content summary only. Visit Now That's Nifty for full links, other content, and more.

Big ISPs' efforts to squeeze Netflix lead to slow connectivity for you

15 hours agoOdd : Boing Boing

Over at Backchannel, Susan Crawford digs into how the crap Internet speeds everyday people get from the likes of Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T is mostly due to those companies trying to punish their competitor Netflix into paying them, not technology limitations. Read the rest

This Weekend Is Your Chance To Make Drunken History

15 hours agoOdd : Thought Catalog

This weekend, I present to you… Drunken Time Traveling. (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call burying the lede.)

Kitschy Thrift Store Figurines Transformed Into Wonderfully Twisted Creations

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

Portland, Oregon-based artist Tom LaBonty transforms kitschy thrift store figurines into wonderfully twisted creations. He draws his inspiration from black metal, horror, goth and Halloween influences. photos via Tom LaBonty via Dangerous Minds

Bad Ol' Boys

15 hours agoOdd : Snopes

The Missouri state government issued "nigger hunting" Licenses in 1995.

Graphic Designer Takes Creative and Adorable Photographs of Her Infant Daughter Every Week

15 hours agoOdd : Laughing Squid

Klara Bednarova, the graphic designer behind Graficool has been taking creative and adorable photographs of her infant daughter Maya every week for Maya’s first year of life and posting them to Tumblr. Hello. My name is Maya and my mum decided to take pictures of me every week. Sometimes its fun, but sometimes its hard […]

Turn down for this kid goat saying "what."

15 hours agoOdd : Happy Place

It's like a goat version of Sheila Broflovski. In the butt. That, of course, is the answer to the question posed over and over by this kid goat, "what, what?" This kid belongs to Dusty Belew, the guy in the video who sounds exactly like a guy who owns a goat who can say a word. Show More Summary

The Old College Sigh

15 hours agoOdd : Snopes

Do a growing number of college student support "post-birth abortion?"

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