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Mystery Of Deep-sea Fish With Tubular Eyes And Transparent Head Solved

Marine biologists recently solved the half-century-old mystery of a fish with tubular eyes and a transparent head. This fish's unusual eyes can rotate within a transparent shield that covers the fish's head. This allows the barreleye to peer up at potential prey or focus forward to see what it is eating.
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Fish with transparent head

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Since 1939, scientists have thought the "barreleye" fish Macropinna microstoma had "tunnel vision" due to eye that were fixed in place. Now though, Monterey Bay Aquarium researchers show that the fish actually has a transparent head...

Video of the "fish with a transparent head"


Macropinna macrostoma (colloquially referred to as "barreleyes") can rotate its eyes to a vertical position to spot prey above itself. The eyes are inside a transparent skull to protect them from being injured by the stinging tentac...

Fish with a Cockpit

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LinkScroll down for today's pictures & links.Fish with a Cockpit Even if you've seen the pictures, you've got to see this video... transparent head, tubular eyes, The Pacific barreleye fish has a head reminiscent of a fighter-plane ...

Barreleye Fish with a Transparent Head T-Shirt

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Barreleye Fish T-shirt modeled by Katie; Great Vocab Didn’t Save the Thesaurus by Zac Remember the barreleye fish (Macropinna Microstoma) post on Neatorama? Y’know, the one with the transparent head and internal eyes that rotate to ...

Scientists Solve Mystery of See Through Barreleye Fish

Humor : The Inquisitr - Odd

Scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have solved an over 50-year mystery behind the Barreleye fish, finding that the fish can rotate its eyes, but only after discovering that the front of its head is see throug...


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