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Nagekomi and randori

Like most all martial arts, judo has two main forms of practice - kata (forms practice) and randori (sparring or freeplay).  Nagekomi is a form of kata practice in which certain forms of throws are repeated, or drilled.  Here is a video of some of my judo kids doing some nagekomi followed by some randori.____________ Patrick Parker is a Christian, husband, father, martial arts teacher, Program Director for a Cardiac Rehab, and a Ph.
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Syllabus and drills are encoded in the kata

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What does kata give to judo as an art? A lot of things, but the one I'm thinking about today is - Kata gives your instructor a syllabus and a set of suggested drills - sort of like a set of bullet points on what to teach when.. Take...

Putin doing judo

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Cool film of Vladmir Putin doing judo - some nagekomi of a few techniques and some randori. Check out the sweet ouchi-to-okuriashi combo starting at about 2:18! I say if they put him on their Olympic team, we ought to enter some of ...

Heads-up: drills ARE kata

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Photo courtesy of Judo Club Tellin There is this perpetual debate about whether kata are worth a darn as a training method. Some modern martial artists poo-poo kata in favor of drills, proudly claiming that their martial art is supe...

Junokata and randori

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When judo was young, back in the 1880's, the randori practice and concept was what made it unique and special. The ancient jujitsu schools from which judo was derived were predominantly kata arts. They had limited or no concept of r...

Your favorite part of judo

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Judo is not just throws. It also includes matwork, chokes, jointlocks, self-defense material. It is a very diverse art that can be practiced through drills, randori (sparring), or kata. It can be profitably practiced in a competitiv...


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