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Origin of magnetic fields may lie in special relativity's spacetime distortions

( -- Magnetic fields play an important role on scales ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmic, from particle spins to galaxy clusters. Although scientists know how to create and manipulate magnetic fields, as well as use them for a variety of applications from computers to credit cards, they still don't have a universal theory of how magnetic fields initially originated in astrophysical settings.
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Researchers have made an important step towards quantum computers. Using a spin cascade in single-molecule magnet, scientists demonstrated how nuclear spins can be manipulated with electric fields. Electric manipulation allows for a...

Evidence of magnetic superatoms could open doors to new spin electronics

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( —Scientists have found evidence for the existence of magnetic superatoms—small, compact clusters of atoms whose electrons occupy a set of orbitals around the entire cluster rather than around the individual atoms. If scie...

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Neutral atoms made to act like electrically charged particles

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Completing the circuit they started by creating synthetic magnetic fields, scientists have made atoms act as if they were charged particles in electric fields.

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