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Using Robotic Probes to Identify Fossils on Jupiter's Europa

If extraterrestrial life exists on Jupiter's moon Europa, instead of deploying probes to drill past its ice shell to look for alien life in the ocean below, robotic probe might just find fossils on the icy surface. Europa might not....
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Scientists find 'best chance of life' on Jupiter's Europa moon

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Nasa eager to launch probe after study finds requirements for life are present JUPITER's icy moon Europa could support life, scientists claim, following the discovery of 'chaos terrain' (above) on the moon’s surface. A new study pub...

Icy Crust of Jupiter's Europa --Does It Reveal the Existence of a Huge Ocean Below?

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The European Space Agency (ESA) also plans to launch the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer mission (JUICE) in 2022. When the spacecraft arrives at its destination, the icy moons of Jupiter, in 2030, it will fly over Europa two times to...

Jupiter's Europa -Will a Robotic Space Probe Find Life There?

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"The reason I like Europa so much is that it’s a world whose orbital dynamics with Jupiter, its orbital resonances with the other Galilean moons, and its own rigid-body dynamics have a strong hand in creating its surface features –....

Huge Lake Could Increase Chance of Life on Jupiter Moon

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The icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa may contain a huge body of water the size of the Great Lakes sitting just 1.8 miles below the surface. If confirmed, the findings could heat up the prospects of finding alien life on the chilly...

The Ice Fracture Explorer: A probe that could hunt for life beneath Europa's frozen crust [Space Colonization]

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Though the aliens in 2010 told humanity to stay away from Jupiter's moon Europa, that hasn't stopped aerospace engineer Joseph Shoer from designing a probe that cool look beneath the moon's icy surface and peek into the oceans below...


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