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Gepard GM6 Lynx .50 Caliber Rifle

The Hungarian manufactured Gepard GM6 is a very nifty.50 caliber rifle. Its combination of a bullpup stock combined with a slow long recoil action (the barrel recoils with the bolt) makes for a very compact weapon with manageable recoil. This video demonstrates... [ Many thanks to Max for emailing me the video. ]
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WTF. Firearm Or Cannon?

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Al Jazeera tweeted a photo of an interesting mounted weapon built by a Syrian rebel. This single shot rifle (or cannon if its chambered in a small caliber cannon round) has a floating barrel action that recoils against a spring atta...

DSEi 13: AEI Twin Magazine Suppressed .50 Machine Gun

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British firm AEI Systems Ltd make everything from 30mm aircraft cannons to bolt action 7.62mm rifles. At DSEi 13 they had a new prototype.50 caliber anti-material rifle on display. The gun has a long action recoil system and curious...

In Frankenstein was a 9mm Bullpup

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This frankengun cost its builder just $100 in parts. The stock is part steel and part polymer from a H&K SL8 rifle, the recoil spring is from an FAL, the bolt and barrel are from a Sten submachine gun. Why are no major manufacturers...

GM6 Lynx 50BMG Reciprocating Bullpup

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Pure Awesomeness.  The GM6 Lynx is a 50 cal semi-automatic anti-material rifle. It is a bullpup, but that is not the interesting part. The barrel reciprocates all the way back. Just watch the video, I could watch this thing shoot ov...

Leader 50: .50 BMG semi-auto bullpup rifle

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The Leader 50 is an interesting weapon designed by veteran gun designer Charles St. George. It is in the same class as the Gepard GM6 Lynx.50 Caliber Rifle, hard hitting, fast rate of fire and light enough to be used off hand as a p...


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