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The Case For Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must [Book Excerpt]

4 years agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Fifteen years ago, aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin published The Case for Mars, and issued a clarion call to his fellow scientists, and the people of Earth. We need plan our Mars colony, and we need to do it now. More ยป
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Is Mars Still Our Best Bet for Discovering Life Beyond Earth?

Academics / General Science : The Daily Galaxy (4 years ago)

The red planet is far more than just a catalyst for scientific change or an interplanetary base camp. Mars, says Robert Zubrin, founder of The Mars Society, is essentially a Rosetta stone for determining the prevalence and diversity...

Mars Rocks Fell to Earth in July: Scientists

Academics / General Science : Science & Health from Newser (3 years ago)

We may not be able to get people to Mars yet, but Mars can get to us. Fifteen pounds of meteorite that fell to Earth over Morocco last July came from the red planet, scientists confirm. The largest chunk is more than two pounds, the...

Wertzone Classics: Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Genres / Fantasy : The Wertzone (5 years ago)

2027. A hundred of Earth's most skilled engineers and scientists are dispatched to Mars, braving radiation exposure to land on the Red Planet and establish a permanent scientific outpost. Their goal is to establish whether Mars can ...

Scientists Locate Perfect Spot for Mars Mission Seeking Alien Life

News / Independent News : RIA Novosti (16 hours ago)

Jezero Crater, located near the Martian equator, brimmed with fresh water some 4 billion years ago, making the ancient lake a perfect spot to land NASA's 2020 mission to Mars aimed at finding traces of life on the Red Planet.

Do we worry too much about keeping astronauts safe? [Video]

Genres / Sci Fi : io9 (3 years ago)

Sixteen years ago, aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin wrote The Case for Mars, outlining his plan for a manned mission to Mars. Since then, we haven't put a human on the Red Planet or returned to the moon, and Zubrin argues that one r...


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