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Martian water: back on again

I’ve lost count of the number of times that the scientific consensus on whether or not there’s liquid-phase water on Mars has changed, and that’s just within the span of me blogging here at Futurismic (so, six years or thereabouts). But it looks like we just flipped back toward certainty, as images from NASA’s Mars [...] Follow Futurismic on Twitter for more nuggets of near-future fun an
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Martian salts must touch ice to make liquid water, study shows

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In chambers that mimic Mars’ conditions, researchers have shown how small amounts of liquid water could form on the planet despite its below-freezing temperatures. Liquid water is an essential ingredient for life as we know it. Mars...

Streaks on Martian Dune Slopes Might be Thin Sheets of Water

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Viscous liquid flow on Martian dune slopesAuthors:DobrovolskisAbstract:The observed temporary dark streaks on some dune slopes on Mars may be due to thin sheets of water (or some other liquid) trickling downhill. This note corrects ...

Martian Recurring Slope Lineae: Transient Briny Liquid Water on Mars (poisonous to the extreme with perchlorates)

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Mars may be a frigid desert, but perchlorate salts in the planet’s soil are lowering the freezing temperature of water, setting up conditions for liquid brines to form at equatorial regions, new research from NASA’s Curiosity rover ...

Mars Lost Most of its Water in the Pre Noachian?

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Evolution of Water Reservoirs on Mars: Constraints from Hydrogen Isotopes in Martian MeteoritesAuthors:Kurokawa et alAbstract:Martian surface morphology implies that Mars was once warm enough to maintain persistent liquid water on i...

Scientists confirm there is liquid water on the surface of Mars [Mars]

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We've known for a while that there are frozen water deposits just beneath the surface of the Martian poles, but now it seems that there are seasonal streams of liquid water that wind across the red planet's surface. Today, a group o...


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