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Compulsive choices in addiction?

Does the fact that our brain makes choices all the time preclude some from being compulsive? Addiction seems to suggest the answer is no. Primary Topic: Addiction read more
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The Boss of Me

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There's not much room for debate about addiction's ability to impair in some brains whatever passes for individual autonomy. Emphasis here on the word "some." Primary Topic: Addiction read more

NIH study sheds light on how to reset the addicted brain

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Could drug addiction treatment of the future be as simple as an on/off switch in the brain? A study in rats has found that stimulating a key part of the brain reduces compulsive cocaine-seeking and suggests the possibility of changi...

Unlocking the Secrets of Our Compulsions; New Findings on How Rats Make Choices May Provide Insights Into Addiction and Impulse-driven Behavior

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Researchers have shed new light on dopamine's role in the brain's reward system, which could provide insight into impulse control problems associated with addiction and a number of psychiatric disorders.

Sobriety for a Love Addict

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Unlike substance addictions (such as alcohol, cocaine or tobacco), love addiction is known as a process addiction. Process addictions include gambling, compulsive eating, shopping and sex addictions, and they often are more difficul...

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With so much free porn on the internet is it any wonder that porn addiction seems to be on the rise? Porn is no doubt healthy for many but it can become compulsive for some... Primary Topic: Addiction read more


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