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Watery Epochs of Mars Hold Clues to Past and Present Life

The clays of massive Gale Crater, the landing site for the new NASA Curiosity rover may yield clues to the existence of ancient life forms on the Red Planet. Clay settles slowly in water and forms little platelets that conform...
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A new NASA study suggests if life ever existed on Mars, the longest lasting habitats were most likely below the Red Planet's surface. A new interpretation of years of mineral-mapping data, from more than 350 sites on Mars examined b...

Mars 'Curiosity' Landing Site May Preserve Evidence of a Massive Ancient Lake

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The 3.5-mile high Martian mound at the center of the Gale Crater Curiosity Mission landing site that scientists suspect preserves evidence of a massive lake might actually have formed as a result of the Red Planet's famously dusty a...

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