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Swimming upstream: Flux flow reverses for lattice bosons in a magnetic field

( -- Matter in the subatomic realm is, well, a different matter. In the case of strongly correlated phases of matter, one of the most surprising findings has to do with a phenomenon known as the Hall response – an important theoretical and experimental tool for describing emergent charge carriers in strongly correlated systems, examples of which include high temperature superconductors and the quantum Hall effect.
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Magnetic sensors can measure distances between vehicles

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Scientists probe link between magnetic polarity reversal and mantle processes

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Scientists have discovered that variations in the long-term reversal rate of the Earth's magnetic field may be caused by changes in heat flow from the Earth's core into the base of the overlying mantle.

"The Great Switch" --Sun's Magnetic Field Does a Complete Reverse Every 11 Years

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Eye on ionization: Visualizing and controlling bound electron dynamics in strong laser fields

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Earth's Magnetic Field Reversals Illuminated By Lava Flows Study

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Earth's north magnetic pole is shifting and weakening. Ancient lava flows are guiding a better understanding of what generates and controls the Earth's magnetic field -- and what may drive it to occasionally reverse direction. Curre...


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