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Were there Neanderthals in Africa?

“Neanderthal” admixture seems to be higher in West Africans than in East Africans. How come? (Source) When modern humans began their expansion from a small core somewhere in East Africa, the continent probably had several different archaic populations.It now seems that one of them was related to the Neanderthals in Europe. In an ongoing study of Neanderthal admixture in present-day humans, John Hawks has found an apparently higher level of admixture in the Yoruba of Nigeria than in the Luhya of Kenya (see chart above).
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Contemporary Europeans have as many as three times more Neanderthal variants in genes involved in lipid catabolism than Asians and Africans. Although Neanderthals are extinct, fragments of their genomes persist in modern humans. The...

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SHANGHAI, CHINA—Neanderthals and modern humans are thought to have interbred at least once—probably in the Middle East—after modern humans left Africa. As a result, today’s Europeans and Asians carry a small amount of Neanderthal DN...

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I was wary of this paper's conclusion as soon as I realized that the authors contended that Europeans and East Asians did not differ significantly in their levels of Neanderthal admixture. You see, Neandertals were absent from East ...


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