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NASA discovers enough carbon mega-molecules to fill 10,000 Mount Everests [Astronomy]

They might be microscopic, but as far as molecules go, buckyballs are absolutely gigantic. These soccer ball shaped molecules are made of 60 carbon molecules each, and new data from the Spitzer Telescope suggest they are everywhere in the universe. More ยป
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NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered an enormous ring around Saturn -- by far the largest of the giant planet's many rings.

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Scientists have married two unconventional forms of carbon -- one shaped like a soccer ball, the other a tiny diamond -- to make a molecule that conducts electricity in only one direction. This tiny electronic component, known as a ...

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PASADENA, Calif. -- Astronomers using data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have, for the first time, discovered buckyballs in a solid form in space. Prior to this discovery, the microscopic carbon spheres had been found only in ...

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NASA Astronomers discovered an abundance of buckyballs -the largest known molecules in space, using the Spitzer Space Telescope to find the carbon spheres in the space between stars and around three dying stars. The Spitzer also det...

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NASA's Spitzer telescope found solid buckyballs for the first time in a pile big enough to fill 10,000 Mount Everests. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech ) Astronomers have discovered solid soccer-ball shaped molecules called buckyballs in s...


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