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Nose Invaders Review

So the best way to combat the Flu is by flicking mucus at bacteria, eh?
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Flagella Let Some Bacteria Swim Through Mucus More Easily Than Water

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While snot is unpleasant, it's a necessary evil, trapping dust and bacteria before they enter our bodies. Some bacteria, though, are able to swim through mucus even more effectively than water. Now, researchers think they've learned...

Protection of mouse gut by mucus depends on microbes

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The quality of the colon mucus in mice depends on the composition of gut microbiota, reports a research team whose work suggests that bacteria in the gut affect mucus barrier properties in ways that can have implications for health ...

Cystic fibrosis mucus defect present at birth, study shows

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Mucus is key to keeping our lungs clean and clear of bacteria, viruses, and other foreign particles that can cause infection and inflammation. When we inhale microbes and dust, they are trapped in the mucus and then swept up and out...

Ulcer-causing bacteria baffled by mucus: Researchers discover impact of viscoelasticity on collective behavior of swimming microorganisms

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A new study demonstrates how introducing certain polymers—like those found in human mucus and saliva—into an aquatic environment makes it significantly more difficult for ulcer-causing bacteria and other microorganisms to coordinate...

Disease-causing bacterial invaders aided by failure of immune system switch

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Immune system defenses against dangerous bacteria in the gut can be breached by turning off a single molecular switch that governs production of the protective mucus lining our intestinal walls, according to a study led by researche...


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