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As Harpo Marx once said, “ A mother of four is yanked out of a Georgia church for breastfeeding. Meanwhile, Caryn at ThinkChristian wonders how Jesus handled this situation (if there was one) say, while giving the Sermon on the Mount. Also at ThinkChristian, Karen says we shouldn’t sweat the new TV show, GCB, because [...]
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Harpo Marx Guest Starring on ‘The Spike Jones Show’ (1954)

Humor : Laughing Squid

Comedian Harpo Marx guest stars in this 1954 episode of the musical comedy program The Spike Jones Show. Harpo shows up at the three-minute mark. At the time he was 65 years old (he lived to be 75). via Boing Boing

Harpo Marx as Sir Isaac Newton

Humor : Boing Boing

Dooley writes, "In 1957, Irwin Allen (The Towering Inferno) produced The Story Of Mankind featuring a star-studded cast showcasing centuries of history. Who better to play Sir Isaac Newton than Harpo Marx?" Harpo in color!

The Late Movies: Harpo Marx, Harpist

Humor : mental_floss

Harpo Marx, the “silent” Marx brother, was a phenomenal self-taught harpist — hence the nickname. (His given name was Adolph, later Americanized to Arthur.) Today I saw a clip of Harpo playing “Blue Moon” quite brilliantly, and thou...

Harpo Marx on Spike Jones

Humor : Boing Boing

dOoLeY sez, "Spike Jones, who the announcer says 'set music back 10,000 years' features a 67-year-old Harpo Marx. If you listen closely at 18.32 seconds, you can hear the lead singer, behind Harpo's harp, give a musical shout out to...

Harpo Marx's letterhead

Humor :

I love the reviews and mentions down the left-hand side..."Harpo Marx is one of the Four Marx Brothers." (via if charlie parker...) Tags: design Harpo Marx


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