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Just the Facts?: Lightening Strike Tattoo -- Stewardess Onboard 'Crash' Panic Attack -- Rapture...Oops, Sorry

Helluva way to get a tattoo.... It's a terrifying way to get a temporary tattoo. To get the feathery looking, fern-like pattern running down this man's left arm, he first needed to be struck by lightning. Known as a "Lichtenberg figure," for the German physicist who first described seeing a similar pattern while experimenting with static electricity, these reddish fern-leaf patterns are a skin reaction to a lightning strike.
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How About That of the Day: A “lightning flower” is a Lichtenberg Figure — or electric discharge pattern — that occurs on the skin of lightning strike victims, most likely as a result of small capillaries bursting from the intensity ...

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This is the scar a man received on his arm after being struck by lightning. It's a Lichtenberg Figure, or the pattern made from an electrical discharge. As you can see, it's kinda flowery. Still beats the shit out of any tribal tat ...


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