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The History of OWS

What does our past tell us about our future? From Adbusters Blog The Occupy movement “has created a space in the American political consciousness about a different type of power: one controlled by people, not corporations,” explains this Al Jazeera documentary about the first phase of Occupy Wall Street. As we head towards the May Day General Strike, May 12-15 global days of action, #OCCUPYCHICAGO, and the #LAUGHRIOT, what lessons can we learn from phase one of the movement? URL: http://www.
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Flash Encampments

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Occupy morphs into a new model! From Adbusters Blog Hey all you wild cats, do-gooders and steadfast rebels out there, Our movement is living through a painful rebirth… “There has been a unfortunate consolidation of power in #OWS,” w...

Future Possibilities For OWS

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An interview with Adbusters Editor-in-Chief Kalle Lasn. From Adbusters Blog Earlier this month, reporters from Canadian Business sat down with Adbusters Editor-in-Chief Kalle Lasn to ask his thoughts on what Occupy might look like i...

Occupy Des Moines Steps Onto the Political Stage

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We've all seen the dramatic coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. What started at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan spread to cities across America. While OWS focused on income inequality and the power of money in politics as a corr...

Michael Lind: Occupy Movements Could Make Libertarians and Tea Partiers Seem More Extreme (Which is Good)

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Never mind fears of the Obama administration or Democrats co-opting the Occupy Wall Street movement, Salon's Michael Lind is excited about OWS, because those crazy kids could realign the center of American politics. If the protester...

The Future of #OCCUPY

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What's next for the movement? From Adbusters Blog ADBUSTERS TACTICAL BRIEFING #16 The initial phase of the #OCCUPY movement was marked by several weeks of viral growth that peaked on October 15 with a global day of action. In the ne...


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