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“Copernican” Reassessment of the Human Mitochondrial DNA Tree

The Cambridge Reference Sequence is dead, long live the RSRS! Let's hope for a smooth transition. The supplement (the paper itself is open access). Table S5 within the supplement is very interesting, as it contains age estimates for the nodes of the new mtDNA phylogeny, and places the common mtDNA ancestor of humans (represented by the new reference sequence) at ~177,000 years.
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François Balloux (2009) has a polemic in the online access area of Heredity presenting references about mtDNA selection, and arguing that the use of this single genetic marker is no longer warranted without support from other loci. ...

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We age in part because mitochondrial DNA accumulates mutations, probably via oxidative damage. Mitochondria exist as bacteria-like self-replicating herds within our cells, and mitochondrial function is essential to cellular processe...

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This looks like a pretty interesting paper, postulating that mtDNA diversity is lower in populations residing in cooler climates – it’s free to access here, and in the meantime, here’s the abstract: There is an ongoing discussion in...

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From the paper: All of the samples studied have a different sequence of mitochondrial DNA HVR I (Table). An analysis of haplotype structure enabled its attribution to five mitochondrial DNA haplogroups: western Eurasian U2e, U5a, T ...

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The new article in The American Journal of Human Genetics, A “Copernican” Reassessment of the Human Mitochondrial DNA Tree from its Root, is open access, so you should check it out. The discussion gets to the heart of the matter: Su...


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