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Traditional: Dento: [?? - tradition; convention] UPDATE

So far, only been a few days, no response from either CFA or Okinawa Traditional karate Liaison Bureau on the criteria, what they use to determine a system is, for traditional karate. I wonder if they will ever respond. I can understand if they do not because it would be a "trivial matter" in regards to their overall set of responsibilities but it is a good question. What is the criteria u
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Arbitrary Criteria - Traditional/Classical Martial Arts Classification

Martial Arts / Karate : Isshin Ryu Karate Bunjutsu

Recently I posted on traditional/classical martial arts with specificity toward Okinawan karate. I stated I would contact to authoritative sources who have recently used the terms to describe systems as traditional and/or classical....

Traditional/Classic Okinawan Karate

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The more I research, read, study, etc. about the beginnings of karate I find that to practice a traditional form of Okinawa karate is impossible. Just on the premise that karate was morphed into the sport aspect or for implementing ...

Traditional: Dento: [?? - tradition; convention]

Martial Arts / Karate : Isshin Ryu Karate Bunjutsu

Dento or traditional, a complex and convoluted term used in martial system beside "classical" where it gives impressions that are often mistaken on an individual basis due to individual perceptions, beliefs and cultural influences. ...

What criteria classifies karate as traditional?

Martial Arts / Karate : Isshin Ryu Karate Bunjutsu

First, its origins must be established as from Okinawa. [Okinawan is the birthplace or cradle of karate therefore the system and/or branch much have direct lineage to an indigenous system of karate. Second, it must be a system/branc...

Dento or Tradition in Karate - PART III

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I have since found only one answer to the question what is the criteria to classify a martial system as traditional on Okinawa. Mr. Lundy Guyton (Sensei: Yon-dan in Isshinryu) reminded me that at the IOTKA site the criteria is provi...


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