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Distant Star May Have Nine Planets

Maybe we should have kept Pluto! A star 127 light-years away shows evidence of having a record (as far as we know) nine planets revolving around it. The star is designated as HD 10180, in the southern constellation Hydrus. The discovery is the culmination of ten years of data crunching. See, we can’t see these [...]
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It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half....

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Astronomers May Have Found Most Populous Exoplanet System

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In 2010, astronomers announced that they'd discovered at least five -- or as many as seven -- exoplanets orbiting the sunlike star HD 10180 in the constellation Hydrus. Now, a new analysis of that data suggests that there are least ...

Astronomer finds evidence for record-breaking nine planet system

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The planetary system around the star named HD 10180 may have more planets in its orbits than our own solar system. Located 130 light years away, the star is not within reach of foreseeable human space travel, but in astronomical dis...

Star System With a Record 9 Planets Found

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The sun-like star, called HD 10180, located approximately 127 light-years away in the constellation Hydrus, is home to a record nine planets, making it the most populated system of extrasolar planets yet found. In a previous study t...


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