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New life for controversial stellar wind theory

Astronomers have succeeded in identifying a specific kind of dust grain in the vicinity of cool giant stars. This means fresh impetus for a controversial theory about how stars die.
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Astronomers have discovered a unique and exotic star system with a very cool methane-rich (or T-) dwarf star and a ‘dying’ white dwarf stellar remnant in orbit around each other. The system is a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for T-dwarf stars, gi...

Sun block for the 'Big Dog': Astronomers detect titanium oxide and titanium dioxide around the giant star VY Canis Majoris

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Astronomers have successfully identified two titanium oxides in the extended atmosphere around a giant star. The object VY Canis Major is one of the largest stars in the known universe and close to the end of its life. The star ejec...

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An international team led by Leen Decin, a K.U.Leuven astronomer, has discovered a series of dust shells in the vicinity of CW Leonis, a dying giant star. The star expelled the shells in the course of its long life: the most distant...


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