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Assembly rules of reef corals are flexible along a steep climatic gradient

Coral reefs, one of the world’s most complex and vulnerable ecosystems, face an uncertain future in coming decades as they continue to respond to anthropogenic climate change, overfishing, pollution, and other human impacts [[1] and [2]]. Traditionally, marine macroecology is based on presence/absence data from taxonomic checklists or geographic ranges, providing a qualitative overview of [.
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Safeguarding coastal coral communities on the central Great Barrier Reef (Australia) against climate change: realizable local and global actions

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The threats of wide-scale coral bleaching and reef demise associated with anthropogenic (global) climate change are widely known. Less well considered is the contributing role of conditions local to the reef, in particular reef wate...

Scientists try to regrow a dying coral reef 25 times faster than nature (audio, video & text)

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The world’s coral reefs are in perilous danger due to overfishing, pollution and climate change. But a team of scuba-diving scientists has developed a groundbreaking method for speeding up coral growth in hopes of stemming the under...

Post-doctoral Researcher in Coral Reef Biogeochemistry, Southern Cross University, Australia

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Deadline for applications: 17 June 2015! Open to Australian and international applicants The Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry, Southern Cross University is looking for a post-doctoral researcher to contribute to our coral reef bio...

Coral reef remote sensing: helping managers protect reefs in a changing climate

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Climate change and ocean acidification are already having severe impacts on coral reef ecosystems. Warming oceans have caused corals to bleach, or expel their symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) with alarming frequency and severity and ...

Opposite latitudinal gradients in projected ocean acidification and bleaching impacts on coral reefs

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Coral reefs and the services they provide are seriously threatened by ocean acidification and climate change impacts like coral bleaching. Here, we present updated global projections for these key threats to coral reefs based on ens...


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