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Gene that helps plant cells finding right direction

Academics / General Science : Science Daily

The SABRE gene is necessary for plants to coordinate the polarity of their cells, a plant physiologist shows in his doctoral thesis. The gene “tells” all cells in a certain region what is up and what is down and how they should modi...

Scientists date prehistoric bacterial invasion still present in today's plant and animal cells

Academics / General Science : Science Daily

How long ago did bacteria invade the one-celled ancestors of plants and animals to become energy-producing mitochondria and photosynthesizing chloroplasts? Researchers developed a statistical way to analyze the variation in genes co...

Genes outside nucleus have disproportionate effect

Academics / General Science : Science Daily

New research shows that the tiny proportion of a cell's DNA that is located outside the cell nucleus has a disproportionately large effect on a cell's metabolism. The work, with the model plant Arabidopsis, may have implications for...

Chloroplast tubes play a key role in plants' immune defense

Academics / General Science : Science Daily

When plant cells are infected with pathogens, networks of tiny tubes called stromules grow from the chloroplasts to the cell's nucleus and trigger programmed cell death and innate immune responses.

Direct transfer of plant genes from chloroplasts into the cell nucleus: Gene function preserved despite structural differences in the dna

Academics / General Science : Science Daily

Chloroplasts, the plant cell's green solar power generators, were once living beings in their own right. This changed about one billion years ago, when they were swallowed up but not digested by larger cells. Since then, they have l...


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