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Finding The ZIP-code For Gene Therapy: Scientists Imitate Viruses To Deliver Therapeutic Genes

Academics / General Science : Science Daily (6 years ago)

Australian scientists have developed a new gene therapy vector that uses the same machinery that viruses use to transport their cargo into our cells. As a result, therapeutic DNA can be transferred to a cell's nucleus more efficient...

Genes outside nucleus have disproportionate effect

Academics / General Science : Science Daily (last year)

New research shows that the tiny proportion of a cell's DNA that is located outside the cell nucleus has a disproportionately large effect on a cell's metabolism. The work, with the model plant Arabidopsis, may have implications for...

DNA introduced directly into cell nucleus using protein nanodisks

Academics / General Science : Science Daily (4 years ago)

Researchers have discovered a novel gene therapy method using particles measuring only a few nanometers which encapsulate genetic material and introduce themselves directly into the cell nucleus. The nanodisks, as researchers have n...

Genes under control: Scientists develop gene switch for chloroplasts in plant cells

Academics / General Science : Science Daily (5 years ago)

The organelles of photosynthesis -- the chloroplasts -- have their own DNA, messenger RNA and ribosomes for forming proteins. Scientists have now discovered how to regulate the formation of proteins in the chloroplasts. They can use...

Direct transfer of plant genes from chloroplasts into the cell nucleus: Gene function preserved despite structural differences in the dna

Academics / General Science : Science Daily (3 years ago)

Chloroplasts, the plant cell's green solar power generators, were once living beings in their own right. This changed about one billion years ago, when they were swallowed up but not digested by larger cells. Since then, they have l...


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