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Chimpanzee "nests" reveal when hominids first left the trees [Monkey News]

When a chimpanzee goes to sleep, it first has to build a "nest", which allows it to sleep safely up in the trees. Strangely, chimpanzees also build nests when sleeping on the ground, which might reveal a secret about human evolution. More ยป
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Chimpanzee hand gestures suggest human communication is even older than we thought [Monkey News]

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We have identified well over a hundred different gestures used by chimpanzees, more than enough to reveal the primates use nonverbal communication much like we do. But it's what the chimps are saying with their hands that's truly fa...

Chimpanzees prefer firm, stable beds

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Chimpanzees may select a certain type of wood, Ugandan ironwood, over other options for its firm, stable, and resilient properties to make their bed. Chimpanzees use tree branches to build beds or nests in trees. They select certain...

Genetic diversity in chimpanzees reveal just how closely related humans really are [Monkey News]

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There are four genetically distinct chimpanzee populations, all found in two relatively small regions of Africa. And yet these populations, which are sometimes less than a mile apart, are more genetically diverse than humans that li...

How orangutan engineers build safe and comfortable treetop beds

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We normally think of nests as the creations of birds, but our ape cousins build nests too. Orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos all build tree beds, by weaving branches, twigs and leaves together into a bowl-shaped cradle. ...

Chimpanzee ground nests offer new insight into our ancestors descent from the trees

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The first study into rarely documented ground-nest building by wild chimpanzees offers new clues about the ancient transition of early hominins from sleeping in trees to sleeping on the ground. While most apes build nests in trees, ...


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