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I crowdsurfed on a dolphin, riding chillwaves 2 Coachella heaven.

Photos via Brooklyn Vegan Searching 4 a relevant and authentic festival experience. I don't care about being VIP. I care abt being 1 with the masses Surfing on waves Ovr the crowd ~~~~~CHILLWAVES~~~~ I mounted a free spirited festival dolphin And rode the crowd feeling the hands not on my body but on that kind dolphin We rode and rode I taught him tricks He did flips and other cool shit like that Sorta like a chill ass dolphin or seal or killer whale at Sea World I felt so alive In that moment on my dolphin Riding above the crowd at Coachella I truly felt as though I had 'won' Coachella Everything was dolphiny and nothing hurt ~~~~WAVE WAVES~~~~~ Nothing beautiful lasts forever An unchill non-buzzworthy band went on stage Harshing the vibes and my dolphin began to melt He began to hurt Like a racehorse on its last legs Goodnite, my dolphin friend I know that our last moments together were beautiful and meaningful I'll never be as alive I was when I rode that festival dolphin Riding those crowdwaves Until we both died 2gthr "This is a part of my dolphin that Ur never gonna ever gonna take away from me.
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