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Medicare Advantage: October surprise?

You remember the $500 billion Obama claimed would be “saved” from Medicare to help “pay for” the ObamaCare law? Well, what that amounted to was slashing subsidies (i.e. reimbursement rates) for a popular supplementary program known as Medicare Advantage. Problem: doing so will effect 12 million seniors.  Problem exacerbated: Seniors, who resist change especially to [...]
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Remember when cuts were cool?

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Remember when Obama was cheered for his Obamacare claim to “cut 500 billion in waste, fraud and abuse from Medicare” to fund his healthcare adventure in socialism? Forbes Magazine does: President Obama said that his health overhaul ...

Hugh Hewitt: What Will Obamacare Cost?

US Politics / Conservative : Hugh Hewitt's TownHall Blog (5 years ago)

Well, seniors stand to lose about $500 billion --that much we know for certain. Medicare benefits will be slashed and Medicare Advantage costs will skyrocket under all the versions of Obamacare. That's why seniors...

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MEGAN MCARDLE: The Parlous Public Option: The only way the public option saves money is by using fiat to slash reimbursement rates to some variation on Medicare reimbursements: Medicare +5%, +10%, or whatever rate they finally settl...

Market-Oriented Medicare Advantage is Especially Popular in Big Swing States

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If you’re wondering why the Obama campaign, er, administration is spending more than $8 billion, without Congressional consent, to postpone Obamacare’s mandated cuts to the market-oriented Medicare Advantage program until after the ...

Gutting Medicare to pay for ObamaCare

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Perhaps you remember the “clever” accounting trick (also known as double counting) that the Democrats used to claim that ObamaCare would save money? You know, it would cut Medicare by 500 billion (after the election, of course).  Yo...


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