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The Washington Post covers An Economist Gets Lunch

Cowen fears the effects of gentrification, which tends to drive up real estate rates and drive out ethnic restaurants. It can also lead to blander food. But if defense funding is cut, and the impact is felt locally, that would be a good thing for ethnic restaurants, if not for the populace in general, Cowen [...]
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Follow Tyler Cowen's work at Marginal Revolution, and buy his book, An Economist Gets Lunch. Cowen has taken some flack for his anti-foodie take on agribusiness. An excerpt: For all the lofty rhetoric about “locavores” and “slow foo...

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The review is here, by Will Dean, the summary is here: If you’re interested in how the food and restaurant industries work – and how to exploit those factors for your own good – then Cowen’s work is indispensable. And: All good advi...

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“Food people need to pick their issues,” says Tyler Cowen, an economist, blogger, and connoisseur of cheap, ethnic eats in the Washington, D.C., metro area. “I think the issues that are important to pick are meat and antibiotics.” I...


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