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Future cosmologists doomed by expanding universe

We've arrived late for the cosmic show - too late for the best seat, says Harvard theorist Avi Loeb. He says the ideal time to study the cosmos was more than 13 billion years ago, just half a billion years after the Big Bang. read m...
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First direct evidence of cosmic inflation

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Almost 14 billion years ago, the universe we inhabit burst into existence in an extraordinary event that initiated the Big Bang. In the first fleeting fraction of a second, the universe expanded exponentially, stretching far beyond ...

1/2 of Banded Iron Formations are Microbial in Origin

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Think of an object made of iron: An I-beam, a car frame, a nail. Now imagine that half of the iron in that object owes its existence to bacteria living two and a half billion years ago.That's the upshot of a study published this wee...

"Light from the Most Ancient, Distant Galaxies will Never Reach Earth"

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New research finds that the ideal time to study the cosmos was more than 13 billion years ago, just about 500 million years after the Big Bang - the era (shown in this artist's conception above) when the first stars...

"The Big Bang Afterglow was an Incubator for Life" (Today's Most Popular)

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Could Alien life have exsited in the Big Bang afterglow? According to Abraham Loeb, an astrophysicist at Harvard University, in the early Universe, the energy required to keep water liquid could have come from the cosmic microwave b...

Cosmic inflation finding first predicted by JHU cosmologist

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A team of observational cosmologists may have found evidence that cosmic inflation occurred a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, a point predicted 18 years ago by Johns Hopkins University cosmologist and theoretical physicist ...


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