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Cleanseday One-Liners

Old guy to young couple, upon departing train : Have a good night, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and if you do, wash your hair! --L Train Overheard by: Stefan Little boy to mom : Do you think Mr Obama showers every day? --112th & Broadway Overheard by: Hopefully Children's book author, earnestly : I just want to give Neil Gaiman a shower. --9th & 36th Overheard by: Rose Fox Sanitary worker cleaning street : Fuck that shit.
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Not to Mention an Overbearing Momma.

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Mom to young boy, as they leave cafe : Honey, do you want that cross you found on the table? Young boy : Yeah. (picks it up). Mom : Every Jewish boy needs a broken cross, right? --Houston & Lafayette Overheard by: Chris K. Alsome | ...

Your Editors Recommend "Parental Unit"

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Random guy to little girl : Do you want to sit next to your dad? Little girl : Uhhh? Random man : I mean your mom... sorry. --1 Train Overheard by: Jeremy Alsome | Thumbs up | Thumbs down | Link · Email · Quote this! · ·...

Wednesday Bun-in-the-Oven Liners

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Man to young, female relative : Girl, you woke up out the womb with messed up hair. --Brooklyn Flea Market, Williamsburg Overheard by: So that's the new way of saying Guy on cell : Bitch, I don't live with none of my babies mommas. ...

Wedne$day One-Liner$

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Young male attorney : I like my job. It pays barely enough to keep me alive, but... --Civil Court, Brooklyn Overheard by: Big Larry Little kid : But mom, you said we were gonna buy a piggy bank!! --2 Train, Brooklyn Overheard by: La...

Our Stripes Represent the Shirt Waldo Wore When He Crossed the Delaware

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Five-year-old white boy: Mommy! Mommy! That man and that woman have American flags!Mom: That’s a Puerto Rican flag, honey.Little boy: But it’s red, white, and blue.Mom: Both of our flags are red, white, and blue. Our flag has 52 sta...


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