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Neutrinos do not exceed speed of light, according to latest experiment

New results from CERN today would appear to confirm that last year’s findings by the OPERA experiment which appeared to suggest that neutrinos could travel faster than light were incorrect. A faulty element of the experiment’s fiber optic timing system has been cited by CERN as a likely cause for the error... Continue Reading Neutrinos do not exceed speed of light, according to latest experiment Section: Research Watch Tags: CERN, Neutrino Related Articles: Faster-than-light travel observed.
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In September, physicists were scratching their heads at CERN when neutrinos were recorded as traveling faster than the speed of light. That shouldn’t happen unless Einstein turns out to be wrong. The experiment is part of the Oscill...

That's Embarrassing: 'Faster Than Light' Neutrino Experiment Refuted Due To Errors

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Remember CERN's claim that they found neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light? Weeeeeell now they want to renege, blaming a faulty fiber-optic cable and timing gear for the erroneous results. Jesus -- and we're supposed t...

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Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, or so we thought. Physicists rely on that fact, but the latest results coming out of CERN, where the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is housed, may suggest otherwise. Scientists at CERN ha...

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Last night, in response to a worldwide surge in interest, the OPERA experiment released a paper that describes the experiments that appear to show neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. And today, CERN broadcast a live ...

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Scientists with the OPERA experiment, which observes a neutrino beam from CERN 730 km away at Italy's INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory, are presenting surprising new results that show neutrinos traveling faster than light. The OPERA resul...


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