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Mother of all microsatellites

Noah Rosenberg’s lab has put out the mother of all microsatellite papers, Population Structure in a Comprehensive Genomic Data Set on Human Microsatellite Variation. It seems to me that this is the culmination of all the work with microsatellite markers which has come out of his lab over the past decade, applying all sorts of [...]
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Effects of ancestry and admixture on human variation (Kidd et al. 2012)

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AJHG Volume 91, Issue 4, 5 October 2012, Pages 660–671 Population Genetic Inference from Personal Genome Data: Impact of Ancestry and Admixture on Human Genomic Variation Jeffrey M. Kidd et al. Full sequencing of individual human ge...

Agriculture, population expansion and mtDNA variation

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Earlier this spring, I wrote about a paper by Brenna Henn and colleagues that presented new data on SNP variation in recent African hunter-gatherer populations [1] ("Population structure within Africa: has 'modern human origins' bec...

HGDP Selection Browser

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You know what the Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) is implicitly, they're the list of populations you've seen in many human genetics papers already. Now the Pritchard lab has put up a nice browser to query the data in a manner ...

Microsatellites are repetitive, but the lab work doesn't have to be

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Microsatellites are molecular markers with numerous applications in biological research. In studies of both plants and animals, they can be used to investigate speciation, gene flow among populations, mating systems, and parentage, ...

Analysis of multi-merge dataset of human autosomal microsatellite variation

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Microsatellites may be a little "retro" in the age of million-SNP arrays and whole genome sequencing, but one has to admit that the following figure, resulting from a merge of multiple microsatellite datasets, is pretty impressive. ...


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