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Another child dead from quackery

Naturopathy is quackery, and, like many forms of quackery, it kills. People who trust naturopaths to treat actual serious diseases instead of using real doctors and real medicine dramatically decrease their odds of surviving a serious illness. While competent adults have every right to make that choice, to use fake medicine instead of real medicine,…
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Horrifying suffering caused by treating pertussis “naturally”

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Naturopathy is a cornucopia packed to the brim with virtually every quackery known to humankind, be it homeopathy, much of traditional Chinese medicine, vitamin C for cancer, or basically any other pseudoscientific or prescientific ...

A naturopath’s got to know his limitations, but naturopaths never do

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It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of naturopathy. It is, as my good bud Kimball Atwood has said, a prescientific system of medicine rooted in vitalism, the idea that there is a “life energy” and a “healing power of nature.” Natu...

Anti-Vax Parents Allegedly Treated Toddler’s Meningitis with Home Remedies, with Predictably Horrible Results

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These anti-vax parents seem to think they're being persecuted by the government, just because their son died of meningitis after they tried to treat him at home with naturopathic remedies instead of taking him to the damn doctor. Mo...

A naturopathic “apostate” confirms that naturopathy is a pseudoscientific belief system

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Naturopathy is 80% quackery, 19% science-based modalities like diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes rebranded and infused with woo, and maybe 1% valid medicine. Yes, I know I’m probably being generous given that naturopathy is ba...

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Naturopathy is a cornucopia of quackery with a patina of plausibility applied in the form of some seemingly reasonable recommendations about diet and exercise. Under the patina, however, lies virtually every form of quackery known t...


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