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Effects of future climate conditions on photosynthesis and biochemical component of Ulva pertusa (Chlorophyta)

Ulva pertusa, a common bloom-forming green alga, was used as a model system to examine the effects of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature on growth and photosynthetic performance. To do this, U. pertusa was grown under four temperature and CO2 conditions; ambient CO2 (400 ?atm) and temperature (16°C) (i.e., present), elevated temperature only (19°C) […]
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Calcareous green alga Halimeda tolerates ocean acidification conditions at tropical carbon dioxide seeps

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We investigated ecological, physiological, and skeletal characteristics of the calcifying green alga Halimeda grown at CO2 seeps (pHtotal ? 7.8) and compared them to those at control reefs with ambient CO2 conditions (pHtotal ? 8.1)...

Ocean acidification alleviates low-temperature effects on growth and photosynthesis of the red alga Neosiphonia harveyi (Rhodophyta)

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This study aimed to examine interactive effects between ocean acidification and temperature on the photosynthetic and growth performance of Neosiphonia harveyi. N. harveyi was cultivated at 10 and 17.5 °C at present (~380 µatm), exp...

Saturating light and not increased carbon dioxide under ocean acidification drives photosynthesis and growth in Ulva rigida (Chlorophyta)

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Carbon physiology of a genetically identified Ulva rigida was investigated under different CO2(aq) and light levels. The study was designed to answer whether (1) light or exogenous inorganic carbon (Ci) pool is driving growth; and (...

Continuous monitoring of in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence in Ulva rigida (Chlorophyta) submitted to different CO2, nutrient and temperature regimes

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Responses of elevated CO2 on photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism in Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta) at different temperature levels

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Ulva lactuca was cultured in a laboratory at two CO2 levels (390 and 700 ?l l?1) and at low (15°C) and high (25°C) temperature levels. Growth, biochemical composition, photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism were examined to evaluate...


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