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UFO Hunter Claims Rare Jellyfish Sprite Spotted Over Caribbean Sea Was An Alien Spaceship, Accuses Scientists Of Covering Up Truth About ET Phenomenon [Video]

An enormous mushroom- or jellyfish-shaped flash of bright light that illuminated the sky over the Caribbean Sea for a split-second on Sunday has drawn the attention of alien and UFO conspiracy theorists who claim that the phenomenon was, in fact, a form of extraterrestrial craft or alien entity. Responding to claims by a scientist that... Read more » UFO Hunter Claims Rare Jellyfish Sprit
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Intriguing claims in 2014 of alien base and UFO spaceship discoveries on the Moon by YouTube UFO hunter Atraviesa, using Google Moon are attracting attention once again due to the spectacular nature of the finds. The alien base and ...

Aliens Convene A Meeting In Space? NASA Image Shows Alien UFO Motherships At Point L1 Between Earth And Sun In Space, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

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UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted two giant alien UFO motherships, supposedly interstellar spaceships, rendezvousing near point L1 in space, about one million miles (0.01 AU) from Earth. The massive alien UFOs, accordin...

10-Mile-Long Alien UFO Parked In Lunar Crater Close To 120-Mile-Long Alien Highway On The Moon, UFO Hunters Make Bizarre Claim [Videos, Photos]

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Alien UFO Merchant Fleet Spotted Flying In Formation Past Our Sun On NASA’s SOHO Satellite Image, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

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UFO hunters claim to have once again spotted a massive fleet or armada of alien UFO spaceships flying through our inner solar system in an image of the Sun taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on September 17, 2...


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