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Scientists Made Beautiful Holograms Using Sound

We’re all familiar with holograms, the projected 3D images created by manipulating light. But can you create a hologram with sound? Read more...
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Holograms you can touch, via sound waves

Humor : Boing Boing

University of Bristol researchers used sound waves to create a hologram you can "touch." High-frequency sound waves from a speaker array hit your hand to give the illusion of the virtual object's physicality. (New Scientist)

Sonic Tractor Beam Can Levitate And Manipulate Objects – High-Amplitude Sound Waves Create Controllable Holograms In Air [Video]

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A sonic tractor beam that uses high amplitude sound waves to levitate and manipulate objects in mid-air has been built. Researchers at the Universities of Sussex and Bristol have successfully built a sonic tractor beam using an arra...

Swiss Wizards Can Now Create Holograms Using Just Chocolate

Technology / Gadgets : Gizmodo Australia

This is really amazing and beautiful: Chocolate etched with rainbow holograms using a technique that doesn’t use additives of any kind, but rather carves specific microstructures into the chocolate’s surface that defract light — muc...

Japanese researchers create holograms you can touch

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Most of us understand that a hologram is a projected three-dimensional image made up of beams of light. If you put your hand up to a hologram, it’ll pass straight through. Now, a team of Japansese researchers have devised a way to g...

Acoustics: Motion controlled by sound

Academics : Nature

A simple technique has been developed that produces holograms made of sound waves. These acoustic landscapes are used to manipulate microscale objects, and offer great potential in medical imaging and selective heating. See Letter p...


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