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A data-model synthesis to explain variability in calcification observed during a CO2 perturbation mesocosm experiment

A series of studies were conducted during the last two decades to investigate effects of ocean acidification (OA) on phytoplankton physiology, plankton ecology, and biogeochemical dynamics of marine ecosystems. Among those studies are experiments with tanks or bags called mesocosms, with some enclosed water volume that typically comprised a natural plankton community found in the […]
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Impacts of elevated CO2 on particulate and dissolved organic matter production: microcosm experiments using iron-deficient plankton communities in open subarctic waters

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Response of phytoplankton to increasing CO2 in seawater in terms of physiology and ecology is key to predicting changes in marine ecosystems. However, responses of natural plankton communities especially in the open ocean to higher ...

Ocean acidification decreases plankton respiration: evidence from a mesocosm experiment (update)

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Anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are reducing the pH in the world’s oceans. The plankton community is a key component driving biogeochemical fluxes, and the effect of increased CO2 on plankton is critical for understan...

MEDUSA-2.0: an intermediate complexity biogeochemical model of the marine carbon cycle for climate change and ocean acidification studies

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MEDUSA-1.0 (Model of Ecosystem Dynamics, nutrient Utilisation, Sequestration and Acidification) was developed as an “intermediate complexity” plankton ecosystem model to study the biogeochemical response, and especially that of the ...

Effects of light, temperature, and ocean acidification on the physiology and ecology of tropical crustose coralline algae

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In the oceans, changes in seawater carbonate chemistry associated with increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (a process referred to as ocean acidification, or OA) is predicted to have significant effects on many ma...

Biogeographic variability in the physiological response of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa to ocean acidification

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While ocean acidification is a global issue, the severity of ecosystem effects is likely to vary considerably at regional scales. The lack of understanding of how biogeographically separated populations will respond to acidification...


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