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How a Pythagoras Cup works

The legendary cup, designed to punish greedy drinkers, explained masterfully by Salad Fingers' dad Sir Martyn Poliakoff. His YouTube channel is packed with similarly excellent videos wherein lab assistant Neil is persuaded to execute unnerving experiments. (previously.) (more…)
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What happens when you dip a light bulb in hydrofluoric acid?

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"Hydrofluoric acid is probably the most feared chemical compound that there is," says Sir Martyn Poliakoff, a chemistry professor at the University if Nottingham. "The reason it's so feared is that it is very corrosive. It will burn...

Professor Martin Poliakoff of Periodic Videos Explains What Causes Ice Cubes To Crack When They Are Added To a Drink

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Professor Martin Poliakoff of Periodic Videos explains the concept of differential expansion and why it causes ice cubes to crack when they are added to a drink. When you drop ice into a drink, the drink is warmer than the ice. The ...

What Happens if You Drop a Hot Charcoal into Liquid Oxygen?

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Now you don't have to wonder any more. University of Nottingham chemistry professor Martyn "The Hair" Poliakoff of The Periodic Table of Videos explains why, sadly, there's no explosion involved: Hit Play or go to Link [YouTube] - v...

A Demonstration of What Happens When Lithium Is Added to 7Up Soda

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In an episode of Periodic Videos, Sir Martyn Poliakoff demonstrated what happens when lithium is added to 7Up soda. When a piece of metallic lithium was added to the drink it began to heat up, bubble, and change color. Poliakoff wen...

The Element Thorium Explained and How It Could Make Nuclear Power Safer

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Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff from The University of Nottingham explains the properties of the element thorium in a new video in the Periodic Table of Videos series. Poliakoff also explain how the use of thorium could make nuclear ...


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