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UFO Hunters Spot Ancient Gold Ring On Mars: Alien Jewelry Proves Ancient Civilization On Mars, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

The latest bizarre claimed sighting on Mars by alien hunters is a piece of alien jewelry, an ancient Martian gold ring, discovered in an image of the Martian surface captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. Anticipating skeptical reactions to their latest outlandish claim, alien hunters argue that it is backed by remarkably detailed photographic evidence,... Read more » UFO Hunters Spot A
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‘Stage Prop’ Rock In NASA’s Rover Photo Proves Mars Photos Are Shot On Devon Island, Canada, UFO Hunters Say

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UFO hunters claim to have found a “stage prop” rock in a Spirit rover photo of the Martian surface. The discovery of the rock, according to conspiracy theorists, proves the claim that Mars rover photos of the Martian terrain uploade...

Six-Inch Alien Spotted In NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Proves ‘Atacama Skeleton’ Was Extraterrestrial Visitor, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

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Online UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have found “absolute proof” of intelligent biological life on Mars and proof that the famous six-inch “Atacama Alien” skeleton discovered in Chile in 2003 was a Mars alien visitor to Earth. A...

Alien In Top Hat Flips NASA’s Curiosity Rover The Bird — Gesture Could Be Polite Greeting In Mars Culture, UFO Blogger Claims [Photo]

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An alien hunter claims the most bizarre alien sighting on Mars ever — an alien in top hat and cape flipping NASA’s Curiosity rover the bird. According to the notorious UFO conspiracy theorists Scott C. Waring, in a recent post to hi...

UFO Hunter ‘Discovers’ Alien Skull On Mars — Proof Of Ancient Humanoid Mars Civilization? [Video]

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A UFO hunter has announced the latest bizarre “discovery” in the field of Mars anomaly research — a humanoid alien skull spotted in an image of Martian terrain captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The discovery of an alien humanoid s...

UFO Sightings 2016: Video Proves Alien Life in Mars! [Watch]

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A clip by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover seem to be pointing out to a crashed UFO flying saucer, which also appeared similar to a recently posted video of a UFO sightings 2016. According to the UFO spotter Streetcap1, who posted the vi...


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