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Gene regulation in brain may explain repetitive behaviors in Rett Syndrome patients

Rett syndrome is a rare, debilitating disease in which patients progressively lose brain function and the ability to walk. Relatively little is known about the neuronal causes of Rett syndrome, but scientists have now identified a process in the brains of mice that might explain the repetitive actions – research that could be a key step in developing treatments to eliminate symptoms that drastically impair the quality of life in Rett patients.
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Study: Gene Regulation in Brain May Explain Repetitive Behaviors in Rett Syndrome Patients

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Naomi was diagnosed at age 2 with Rett syndrome, a rare, debilitating disease in which patients progressively lose brain function and the ability to walk. While she laughs, smiles and toddles around like most 3-year-olds, Naomi's re...


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