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Axxion-Back In Time

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Active since 2011 (and featuring some top-notch musicians who have spent time in such group's as Skull Fist, Cauldron, and Phantom!), Axxion is a ( simply stellar ) four-piece Canadian heavy metal/speed metal band with one EP, a single, and two full-length albums to it's name thanks to the forthcoming "Back In Time". The band, which is based in Toronto and lea
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Devil's Dare-Demonstration 2016

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Self-Release/Independent 2016"Demonstration 2016" is the first studio recording from Boston hard rock/heavy metal band Devil's Dare. It was released on March 29th and this instant-classic EP features four vintage-sounding songs with...

Free Metal Monday: Speed Queen-Garage Demo

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Skull Fist-Head öf the Pack

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NoiseArt Records2011Hands down this new album by Skull Fist is one of the best heavy/speed metal LPS to come out Canada! Head öf the Pack is just such a perfect title for this bad boy. With music like this Skull Fist are making a se...

Skull Fist-Chasing the Dream

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NoiseArt Records 2014 I've long had a soft spot for Canadian heavy metal/speed metal band Skull Fist. Having loved the band's 2011 full-length debut album "Head öf the Pack" (which I did review at one in time) and having picked up (...


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