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Epigenetics: CRISPR edits gene methylation

The CRISPR gene-editing tool has been modified so that it can add or remove methyl groups at specific positions on DNA, allowing researchers to test how such changes affect gene expression.DNA methylation helps to regulate gene expression, but its role at specific sites has
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Transcription and replication result in distinct epigenetic marks following repression of early gene expression

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DNA in higher organisms is packaged by proteins known as histones. In response to external factors, the histones can be tagged at precise locations by addition of methyl groups that are read to regulate the expression of genes assoc...

Social adversity early in life may affect the expression of stress-related genes

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New research suggests that early severe social deprivation may impact DNA modifications that affect the expression of stress-related genes. These nongenetic (or epigenetic) modifications occur when molecules called methyl groups are...

DNA Methylation and Natural Variation in Human Longevity

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DNA methylation is an epigenetic alteration in which genes are decorated with methyl groups. It is one of a range of epigenetic processes that establish a feedback loop linking the pace at which specific proteins are built from gene...

Extra-Coding RNAs Regulate DNA Methylation in the Adult Brain

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A special form of RNA called extra-coding RNA controls the careful targeting to add or remove methyl groups to chromosomal DNA of the adult neuron. The ecRNAs are fundamental regulators of DNA methylation patterns in the adult brain...

New sensor developed for methylated DNA

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Researchers have developed a new, single molecule test for detecting methylated DNA. Methylation -- the addition of a methyl group of molecules to a DNA strand -- is one of the ways gene expression is regulated.


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