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Viewpoint: Cosmic Clues from Mini Clumps of Dark Matter

Author(s): David Parkinson Searches for ultracompact clumps of cold dark matter have come up empty, but these nondetections place new limits on the early expansion history of the Universe. [Physics 9, 110] Published Wed Sep 28, 2016
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Viewpoint: Ghost imaging with x rays

Academics / Physics : American Physical Society

Author(s): Dilano Saldin The technique of ghost imaging, which builds up images of objects by combining information from light collected at two detectors, has been demonstrated in the x-ray regime. [Physics 9, 103] Published Wed Sep...

Viewpoint: Taming Ultracold Molecules

Academics / Physics : American Physical Society

Author(s): Susanne Yelin Riding the coattails of cold atomic physics, researchers have demonstrated the ability to steer cold molecules into desired quantum states. [Physics 9, 60] Published Fri Jun 03, 2016

Synopsis: Spotting Dark Matter with Supermaterials

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Superconducting aluminum or superfluid helium could be used to detect superlight dark matter particles. [Physics] Published Wed Sep 14, 2016

Synopsis: Anisotropy Limits for the Universe

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A new study of the cosmic microwave background places the strictest limits to date on a rotating Universe and other forms of cosmic anisotropy. [Physics] Published Wed Sep 21, 2016

Q&A: Brian Schmidt

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In 1998, Brian Schmidt discovered that, contrary to expectations, the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. The discovery won him a share of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics and launched the search to uncover the nature of dark ...


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