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Court Says Impersonating a Cop To Beat Traffic Tickets is Not Protected Speech

News : Threat Level

The Supreme Court says the First Amendment grants the right to lie about having earned a military decoration. But a divided federal appeals court is ruling the right of speech doesn’t stretch that far when it comes to impersonating ...

Courts Should Review Executive-Agency Interpretations of the First Amendment

Academics / Political Science : Cato @ Liberty

Among the types of speech that the First Amendment protects is commercial speech, such as advertising. But commercial speech that’s false or misleading isn’t constitutionally protected: you may be liable for defrauding someone throu...

FDLI symposium part 2: First Amendment/Commercial Speech

Industries / Law : 43(B)log

Session 2: Constraints on Commercial Speech and the First Amendment Moderator: Richard Cleland, Assistant Director, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection Tracing the FTC’s Line Between Advertising and Free Speech K...

The Potential Impact of the People’s Rights Amendment Goes Far Beyond Restricting Freedom of Speech

Industries / Law : The Volokh Conspiracy

(Ilya Somin) Co-blogger Eugene Volokh has an excellent post on how the proposed People’s Rights Amendment threatens freedom of speech. But it’s important to recognize that the proposal goes far beyond denying free speech rights to e...

First Amendment Expert Floyd Abrams Admits SOPA Would Censor Protected Speech, But Thinks It's Okay Collateral Damage

Industries / Law : Techdirt

Supporters of SOPA/PROTECT IP have been going absolutely nuts in pushing the claim that famed First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams has said SOPA does not violate the First Amendment. This wasn't a surprise. First of all, the MPAA is ...


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