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A direct CO2 control system for ocean acidification experiments: testing effects on the coralline red algae Phymatolithon lusitanicum

Most ocean acidification (OA) experimental systems rely on pH as an indirect way to control CO2. However, accurate pH measurements are difficult to obtain and shifts in temperature and/or salinity alter the relationship between pH and pCO2. Here we describe a system in which the target pCO2 is controlled via direct analysis of pCO2 in […]
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Effects of elevated pCO2 on the metabolism of a temperate rhodolith Lithothamnion corallioides grown under different temperatures

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Coralline algae are considered among the most sensitive species to near future ocean acidification. We tested the effects of elevated pCO2 on the metabolism of the free living coralline alga Lithothamnion corallioides (“maerl”) and ...

Ocean acidification does not affect magnesium composition or dolomite formation in living crustose coralline algae, Porolithon onkodes in an experimental system

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

There are concerns that Mg-calcite crustose coralline algae (CCA), which are key reef builders on coral reefs, will be most susceptible to increased rates of dissolution under higher pCO2 and ocean acidification. Due to the higher s...

Morphology of the crustose coralline alga Pseudolithophyllum muricatum (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) responds to 30 years of ocean acidification in the Northeast Pacific

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

As the process of ocean acidification alters seawater carbon chemistry, physiological processes such as skeletal accretion are expected to become more difficult for calcifying organisms. The crustose coralline red algae (Corallinale...

Effect of ocean acidification and pH fluctuations on the growth and development of coralline algal recruits, and an associated benthic algal assemblage

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Coralline algae are susceptible to the changes in the seawater carbonate system associated with ocean acidification (OA). However, the coastal environments in which corallines grow are subject to large daily pH fluctuations which ma...

Early reproductive stages in the crustose coralline alga Phymatolithon lenormandii are strongly affected by mild ocean acidification

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Coralline algae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) are predicted to be negatively impacted by near-future ocean acidification. The effect of low pH/high pCO2 on early life stages of Phymatolithon lenormandii (Areschoug) Adey was studied in ...


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