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Where to Sit on a Plane to Prevent Motion Sickness

Booking one of these seats will ensure a smoother ride.
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Many people suffer from motion sickness, especially small dogs and children. Motion Sickness comes from a disconnect between the inner ear sensing motion, and the eyes not registering it. Because of this, the kid-os in the back seat...

Blaming others for their health problems helps no one

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I inherited motion sickness from my father’s side of the family.  I can’t sit in the back seat of a car for more than 10 minutes without becoming sick.  I take meclizine before every plane flight. I inherited asthma from my mother’s...

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For anyone who has motion sickness, road trips -- whether they're to the grocery store or the opposite coast -- are tough. As are plane rides, train rides, cruises, boat trips and yes, even scuba diving and the occasional elevator r...

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I'm incredibly jealous of people who can read a book while riding in a car or hang out on a boat in choppy waters or act completely normal on a plane without getting motion sickness. Those bastards. So why is it that the rest of us ...

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Not only is turbulence annoying on a flight, it can be scary too. If you’re prone to motion sickness, or just want to avoid spilling coffee in your lap, here’s where you should try to sit. Read more...


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