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Insects may have feelings, so do we need more humane fly spray?

Increasing research suggests insects may possess basic consciousness, in which case we would need to minimise their suffering, says Peter Singer
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NASA researchers to flying insects: 'Bug off! '

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When flying insects get in the way of an airplane's wing during takeoff or landing, it's not just the bugs that suffer. Those little blasts of bug guts disrupt the laminar -- or smooth -- flow of air over the airplane's wings, creat...

Solving a biological mystery: Gene related to germ cell formation is far older than first thought

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Researchers have shown that insects like crickets possess a variation of a gene, called oskar, that has been shown to be critical to the production of germ cells in 'higher' insects, particularly fruit flies.

Researchers boost insect aggression by altering brain metabolism

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Scientists report they can crank up insect aggression simply by interfering with a basic metabolic pathway in the insect brain. Their study, of fruit flies and honey bees, shows a direct, causal link between brain ...

Natural born killers: humans predisposed to murder, study suggests

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Although it’s unclear whether genetics or other factors are responsible, new study suggests that lethal violence is part of our evolutionary history Humans are predisposed to murder each other, new research suggests, although it rem...

Researchers create technique for opening insects' exoskeletons to study living cells

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Scientists believe that hearing in fruit flies and in humans is remarkably similar at the cellular level, which is why they'd like to explore the fruit fly's ear to learn more about how humans hear.


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